Without even going into the scientific principles that will explain carbohydrates, low carb weight loss can be achieved just simply by reducing the amount of most of the things that we eat. I am referring for one thing to the fact that you may have noticed at one time the USDA advised that eating six pieces of bread as the normal recommended daily value.

This is an absolutely ridiculous amount of bread for most people to eat. We have scientists running around in awe at the overwhelming amount of obesity in this country. These same scientists are the ones who advise eating all that bread! So, long story short, it doesn't take a medical degree to see that if you want to achieve low carb weight loss, eat less bread! It is that simple!

OK, having said all that, we know reducing portions is a workable solution, not just with bread, but with other carbohydrates. Low carb weight loss will also be promoted simply by avoiding refined and processed foods. Reducing or even eliminating as much sugar as possible is another major clue. Mind you, to just not pick up that candy bar is very simple. It's convincing yourself not to pick it up that is the difficulty with most 'sugar freaks'. It's a little too convenient for the meal on the run. The majority I have inhaled, I have done so without even standing still.

Here again, we can use the simple principal of moderation in reducing portions to have our candy and eat it too. Don't deprive yourself every time you have a craving. Instead, eat a small piece of candy; but remember to buy them that way. If you buy a bag, what is to stop you from eating several small pieces. More scientific facts are in order here: Several small pieces of candy are equal in diet damage to a whole candy bar and more risky since the whole bag may be equal to far more than a couple candy bars!

Same thing for cookies. Don't buy a bag of cookies if you are interested in achieving weight loss or maintaining healthy weight. Buy a little package of cookies, but since they usually have six, even throwing half away may be necessary. Don't want to waste? Leave it on a skinny person's desk or on the table in the coffee room at your office.

Can you stand another one? Even cake can be purchased by the slice and you can eat just half the slice. Accidentally on purpose, you can knock the rest on the floor. One bite is all you need to experience the wonder. Like the frosting and not the cake or vice versa? Throw the other half OUT!

Baked goods and sweets, as we know all too well, are the biggest offenders. The reason is because they have several factors that make them the antithesis of the low carb weight loss diet plan. They not only contain sugar in huge amounts, they contain processed and refined flour, and sometimes saturated fatty cream.

Plug your ears and say "steamed asparagus", while I mention how much I love things like these little dainties, obviously invented by the devil. Remember the old adage, 'you are what you eat' and never forget it also shows. Chocolate frosted cream puffs are to be eaten (half) and not worn, but you will!