Struggling with bad grades can be incredibly frustrating. You keep doing your best, yet the grades you receive are always below what you were hoping for. Time and time again you vow to study harder for the next test, or spend more time working on the next report. Because that's the only way to get better grades, right? Better grades require more studying - there is just no other way.

At least that's the bullsh*t your teachers have told you.

The truth, however, is that there is a much easier way to improve your grade, which works in almost all subjects.

The solution; better grammar.

Why Use Better Grammar?

Using good grammar is one of the most important aspects when it comes to school work, and plays a surprisingly large roll when it comes to what grade you'll receive. Now, most teachers won't admit to this, which is mainly because they themselves do not realize just how much good grammar influences their grading.However, advanced grammar can have a great subconscious effect on your teacher, subliminally influencing him to think higher of your work.

Now, I know you're probably thinking something like this; 'Yeah yeah, I see how this might be good in language courses, but it couldn't possibly affect the other subjects, right?'

Well, the truth is, good grammar actually does have a highly noticeable effect on other subjects as well. And by "noticeable effect", I mean "it will raise your grade by several points".

How Good Grammar Improves Your Grade in Any Subject

The human mind is easily influenced, and can be manipulated by even the slightest things. This can be used in a multitude of ways, especially when you consider the fact that your teachers are just humans. Humans with easily influenced minds.

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to manipulate someone is by creating an air of authority, which will compel others to believe that your views are correct, and should not be questioned. This can be done in a number of different ways, but in writing, using advanced grammar is by far the most effective one.

Say that you have a report due in biology. It should be purely factual, and your grammar shouldn't influence your grade in any way. You should be graded solely on the information presented in your report, and nothing else. However, this is most often not the case, since your teacher is susceptible to subconscious influences in your report, such as highly advanced grammar and difficult terms.

By applying advanced grammar and subject-specific terms and words, you create an air of authority around your entire project. This will give your teacher the impression that you are well endowed in the subject, and your report will send out a subconscious feeling of authority. This in turn will make your teacher far less likely to question anything or point out any shortcomings your report might contain. In other words; you're more likely to receive a higher grade.

Well this is all just swell, but how do you actually gain better grammar, without having to do a lot more studying?

How to Use Improved Grammar Without Much Effort

The best piece of advice would be to put more effort in learning grammar and languages in general, but this might be too big of a commitment for most of you reading this. And although spending time actually developing grammar is one of the best uses of your studying time, there are easier alternatives to implementing good grammar in your school work.

For instance, using a thesaurus is an incredibly easy way of improving any text you've written, and should be applied on every single report you turn in. Especially these days when the only thing you have to do is right-click any word in a document in order to find better synonyms to use, you have no excuses not to do it. Compared to the increase in grades this simple technique will give you, the little extra time it takes to implement it is well spent.

Another tip is to always go for "fancy grammar" wherever possible, and look up how to properly use it. Although this method is a bit more time consuming than the previous one, it will have far greater results when it comes to creating that desired air of authority around your work.

So if you're struggling with raising your grades, but don't want to put down any more time than necessary, I strongly recommend implementing these grammar techniques into your work.