Have to eat at a buffet restaurant? Dragged by your family and friends to the ultimate buffet when you are watching your weight? Trying to still eat but avoid setting yourself back a week on your diet? This is the right article for you.

The calories, carbs, fats, and sugars are endless and seemingly overwhelming at buffets such as Golden Corral. For some people it is heaven, for others it is nothing better than hell. While eating healthy with a focus on your diet is difficult at these inclusive diners, it is definitely manageable.

For one, order water from the start to save money and avoid excess sugars and calories. It is recommended to drink a significant amount of water, maybe two or three refills, because this will take up stomach space and give you an advantage when faced with so many tempting options.

Buffet serviceCredit: Wikepedia

Ease your way into eating with a salad or soup with crackers. This appetizer is easy to eat and allows you to catch up with the people at your table.  

Then, pick one main dish and a side to go with it. For example, pick steak and a baked potato with cheese or butter. Or chicken and rice. By picking a larger and complimentary item, you will be full and content in your decision.

Then skip dessert! As tempting as it may be, just think of the regret you will have after eating it. Hours later, the next day, and next week, you will be thankful that you skipped dessert. The saying is a moment on the lips and a lifetime on the hips.

(A side tip, and this is for every restaurant but especially buffets, is to eat slow. This way your body will feel full when it is actually full, rather than eating fast and being bloated as your body catches up.)

With a guide going into any buffet, your odds of ruining your diet will decrease significantly and your mood after you leave will be satisfied. You can eat healthy anywhere!