Want to know how to eat healthy at Subway? It’s actually possible to eat a healthy meal at Subway and still enjoy yourself. Subway for the most part is one of the better fast-food outlets where you can get some nutrition. You do however have to take some precautions because these foods can still pack on the calories if you’re not careful. Here’s how to eat healthy at Subway but still enjoy good food.

How to Eat Healthy at Subway - Bread

You need to avoid the white bread as much as possible. This bread doesn’t contain the nutrients you need or the fiber. Try to use the whole wheat bread as this is the better option. The bread does tend to crumble quite a bit when toasted so you might want to forget the toasting unless you like this.  Whole wheat bread really doesn’t taste that bad so it’s a good option for your sub.

How to Eat Healthy at Subway - Meat

This is the big one so you need to be careful here. The meats you want to use include chicken, turkey, and roast beef. Most other meats are just cold cuts and these aren’t very good options. Aim for chicken subs, turkey subs, or a roast beef sub. Make sure you avoid the extras such as bacon and leave out the processed cheese slices on your sub. Just by eliminating the cheese you’ll cut down on calories a great deal. The cold cuts contain nitrates and other additives and just aren’t good options. The best option is of course a vegetarian sub but most people won’t want to go this route.

Healthy Fast Food

How to Eat Healthy at Subway - Condiments

The sauces you put on your sub really pack on the calorie, especially mayonnaise. It’s a good idea to stick with just plain mustard or no sauce at all because these are higher in calories. Some hot sauce might be fine or a small amount of mayo but don’t have them lay it on because mayo is calorie dense. Make sure that only a small amount of sauce is used on your sub.

How to Eat Healthy at Subway - Drinks and Extras

For a beverage you should choose plain water or orange juice. Make sure you avoid all the pop and other beverages. Orange juice has sugar in it but you get vitamin C as well so this is a good option. Don’t make a full meal and avoid the chips, cookies and the muffins which are all high in calories and just not needed. The best option is just your sub and a bottle of water. If you want a side go for a salad but go easy on the dressing.  Go for an all-vegetable salad if you order one.

How to Eat Healthy at Subway - Breakfast

Subway also offers breakfast and you have a lot of options here. The egg and cheese sandwich is your best option but you might want to ask for just egg in the sandwich. Bacon is fine if you haven’t had it recently but don’t make it a habit it should be an occasional meat if you want to lose weight.

You can learn how to eat healthy at Subway. Make sure you make smart choices and visit the website to read all the nutrition information on each meal. Subway is one of the better fast-flood places to eat at but you still need to be smart about what you eat because it can be easy to pack on the calories with some of the subs they offer. Fine something you like that’s healthy and then just order that when you want a quick meal out.