Tim Hortons is a great place to go for a coffee and a snack. Do you know how to eat healthy at Tim Hortons? If you’re watching your weight and are concerned about your health, you can still go out to fast food restaurants like Tim Hortons and enjoy a meal. This article looks at several healthy food alternatives at Tim Hortons that you can eat and which ones to avoid when you eat out.


Tim Hortons Breakfast

You’ll find several options on the Tim Hortons Breakfast menu, but like all fast food restaurants it can be confusing as to which options are going to be the healthiest food choices for you. One of the best options for breakfast is the new Egg White Omelette Breakfast Sandwich - Hickory Smoked Ham, Cheese, and Whole Grain English Muffin. This meal is 240 calories but only contains 7 grams of fat. You get 17g of protein for energy and 26 grams of carbs. You also get 3g of fiber from the whole wheat and this meal only has 1g of sugar. This is an excellent choice for breakfast if you're watching your waistline. You'll want to avoid all the options with bacon and sausage in them because this will increase your fat intake dramatically. Another good option is the Breakfast Sandwich - English Muffin with Egg and Cheese. This has 280 calories, 11g of fat, and 14g of protein. You get 32g of carbs, 1 g of fiber and only 2g of sugar.

Soups at Tim Hortons

Soup always sounds like a healthy option but it can be deceptive. Here are some decent soups and other related items you can have that are healthier for you. The Small Beef Noodle Soup has 130 calories, 1 g of fat, 6g of protein and 24 carbs. This soup also has 2 g of fiber and 7g of sugar. Small Turkey Rice Soup has 120 calories, 1 g of fat, 5g of protein, and 23 carbs. This soup also has 1g of fiber, and 4 g of sugar. You’ll want to order only the small portions of these soups due to the fact that most soup is high in salt. Small Hearty Vegetable Soup has 70 calories, 0.4 g of fat, 4 g of protein and 13 carbs. This soup has 2g of fiber, and 3 g of sugar. Order the small versions to reduce the salt levels since soup is usually high in salt. The split pea is also another good soup to get.


A Garden Vegetable Sandwich (Regular, Whole Wheat) has 320 calories, 10g of fat, and 13 g of protein. This meal also has 46g of carbs, 5 g of fiber, and 5g of sugar. Toasted Chicken Club Sandwich (Regular, Whole Wheat) has 360 calories, 7g of fat, and 25g of protein. This meal also has 49g of carbs, 5g of fiber, and 5g of sugar. The Creamy Greek Feta Wrap Snacker has 220 calories, 9g of fat, and 12g of protein. In this meal you also get 22g of carbs, 3 g of fiber, and 1g of sugar.

Muffins, Doughnuts, and Bagels

Muffinsand doughnuts are best avoided due to the high sugar content. The bagels are fine as long as you don't get them with cream cheese because the employees tend to slather it on. Ask if you can get some butter or a bit of peanut butter for your bagel. Avoid the fancier bagels as these will be higher in calories and carbs. A bagel is quite high in carbs but this can keep you going for a long time. A Blueberry Bagel has 270 calories, 1 g of fat, and 10g of protein. This bagel also has 55g of carbs, 2g of fiber, and 7g of sugar. A 12-Grain Bagel has 330 calories, 9g of fat, 10g of protein, and 52 carbs. This bagel also has 6g of fiber and 6g of sugar.


One killer to your diet plan is in the beverages. Avoid the fancier coffee drinks at Tim Hortons and especially the smoothies which sound healthy but are loaded with excessive sugar. If you must have smoothies make it only on occasion and have the small version. Most beverages are just too high in sugar to make them worthwhile for those on a diet. Stick to small to medium regular coffee or tea to reduce your calorie intake on beverages. In fact many of the beverages will contain more calories than a sandwich. For example a large original Ice Capp with milk has over 60g of sugar and 290 calories. If you want to treat yourself to a fancy beverage just make sure it’s the small version.


Whenever you eat out at fast food places like Tim Hortons you can eat healthier if you order small versions of everything. Even if you want to splurge and order a fancy drink for example its still way better if you get the smaller size. Once you go up in size you pack on the calories in a dramatic way. For example a small fruit smoothie while high in sugar has only 130 calories and 30g of sugar. If you order the large version you get 240 calories but 56 grams of sugar! That is just way too much for any single serving for a beverage. It pays to order the small versions of items on the menu. If you’re still thirsty get a bottle of water and drink that after your treat beverage and you’ll feel fine. 

You Can Eat Healthy at Tim Hortons

It’s fine to go out and treat yourself from time to time but if you make it a habit you’ll pack on the pounds. To eat healthy at places such as Tim Hortons you need to order small versions and use some of the suggestions in this article for your food purchases. At the end of the day it’s up to you to make the right choices and this guide should set you on the right track to eating healthy at Tim Hortons restaurants.