Airplane Food

Anyone who has ever been served a meal on an international flight knows how boring and straight up disgusting the food can be. It does not matter if the airline has a 5-star chef working for them - the classic airplane meals are always badly prepared.

This, of course, causes a problem for people who travel a lot, especially on longer flights where you might be served two or even three meals. If you spend 15-20 hours on a plane you will have to eat at some point - it is essential for your well being and will make the arrival at your destination smoother - but trying to force yourself to eat something you don’t like could possibly turn the whole trip into a nightmare. I’m about to tell you that here is one very easy solution to this, a solution that requires very little effort and won’t cost you anything extra.

Here is how you do it:

All international airlines gives you the option, when booking your flight, to choose a special dietary requirement. Sometimes you do it when finishing your booking and sometimes you have to contact the airline after the ticket is booked and confirmed. By ordering a special meal, (on a smaller air fleet you might be the only one for days or even weeks that asks) you force the chef and his kitchen to be innovative and put more effort into creating you a specific meal in a much smaller quantity. This will obviously result in a meal that is both tastier and better prepared than the regular chow that everyone else will be served, so that you can have a more enjoyable flight. Another perk is that people with special dietary requirements always, no matter where they are seated, get served first. The best thing though is that the airlines want to be able to fulfill everyone's needs with as many options as possible, allowing you to be as creative as you want. Qatar Airways for example, lets you choose from religious meals like Kosher, Halal, Hindu and Jain. In addition, you can also choose medical reasons like allergies and diabetes and even lifestyle options like weight-loss diets and vegetarianism or veganism. The plant-based food options are extra beneficial as they will keep the texture and taste better while being cooked, cooled and reheated on an airplane, than meat and dairy products.

So next time you’re planning a vacation or a business trip that requires long times spent in the confined and limited space of an airplane remember to make the trip as enjoyable as possible by choosing your food in advance. This hack is something that I have been using for years and it has helped me to no longer dread long haul flights with horrible food. You should try it too!