Many people have found that a low carb diet works well for them. How can you eat low carb while avoiding meat products, however? Meat is often the cornerstone of a low carb diet. For people who want to eat a vegetarian diet, eating low carb is still possible. You won't find yourself eating an extreme low carb diet, but you can still take it easy on the carbohydrates while keeping pigs, chickens and cows off your plate. A low carb diet is even possible if you are a vegan.

Things You Will Need

Plenty of fresh vegetables, nuts and dairy

Step 1

Eat plenty of non-starchy vegetables. Make spinach, asparagus, cabbage, broccoli and other low carb veggies staples of your diet. Don't bore yourself by steaming or microwaving them. Instead, roast them on the grill in an aluminum foil packet with olive oil, garlic and rosemary. You can make a variety of delicious stir-frys and curries as well. Look to different cuisines for new ideas on how to cook low carb vegetables. Eat vegetables during at least two meals a day, and make them the crux of your diet.

Step 2

Put plenty of nuts in your shopping cart the next time you are at the supermarket. Cashews, almonds, pistachios, sunflower seeds and peanuts are all high in protein and low in carbohydrates. They make a good addition to stir-frys, salads and other dishes. Nut butter is also good--try several different kinds for variety in your diet. Eat it on slices of apple or thin rye crackers. Nuts can be a vegetarian's best friend.

Step 3

Incorporate salads into your daily diet. A salad of fresh greens, a handful of beans, a few nuts and some dressing is deliciously low-carb. Add in slices of zucchini, jicama and mushrooms, as well as any other vegetables that you enjoy eating raw.

Step 4

If you are not vegan, adding dairy to your diet can make your diet even more low-carb as long as you stay away from sugary yogurt and ice cream. If you are a vegetarian in order to help prevent animal cruelty, make sure the dairy products you choose are not produced by factory farms. Promised Land milk is one dairy product that is particularly high in protein and is reputed to be cruelty free. Add cheese to salads and main dishes, although use caution if you are trying to lose weight.

Step 5

Soy comes in many different forms, from tempeh to tofu to soy milk. All of these products have a high amount of protein and can be used as a meat replacement or supplement to any meal. A soy burger (no bread) with refried beans and a side of nopales and salsa makes a yummy low-carb Mexican meal.
Eating a vegetarian diet can be very satisfying. You needn't worry about getting too many carbs if you make the ingredients above the cornerstone of your diet.

Tips & Warnings

Eggs can also be a handy addition to a vegetarian diet.