Sticking to a No Carb Diet Can Be Easy


Have you found yourself wondering how to eat a no carb diet? You may clearly understand certain foods that are off limits, but that often leaves you confused about what you should be eating.  It's okay - this is common.

Learning how to follow a no carb diet is very similar to following these rules.  Here are a list of basic foods you'll want to be sure to avoid:

  • All types of bread
  • Rice (white, brown, and any other types)
  • Potatoes
  • Pasta
  • Breaded foods
  • Anything with sugar (sadly, this includes fruit!)
  • Anything that may be similar to the above items

 It's definitely a strict diet that may leave you scratching your head, wondering what to eat.  

What You Might Enjoy Eating on a No Carb Diet

Once you try some new recipes, you'll realize that there are a lot of good food options.  Here are some basic foods that are allowed:

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Fish
  • Certain vegetables

As limiting as those foods may seem, there are a lot of delicious combinations you can try.  For example, if you previously loved cooking with rice, you may be interested in learning how to make cauliflower rice, a food that is definitely allowed on a low carb diet.  

On some diets (depending which specific one you're following), you can have a cheat day each week, which basically allows you to eat whatever you want on that day.  The logic behind this is that if you know you have a cheat day coming up, you're less likely to cheat on the other six days of the week.  It's a psychological modification to the diet that has been proven to cause people to stick to the diet for a longer period of time (even turning it into a complete lifestyle change).

The Diet Isn't Everything

Being healthy, fit, and losing weight is about more than just good dieting habits.  While the diet is a large part of the process, you should incorporate some form of regular exercise too.  You'll find that you feel better about yourself as you'll lose weight faster and have more energy throughout the day.

How To Force Yourself to Stick to the Diet

Beginning a diet is difficult, but sticking to it over a long period of time often seems impossible, despite your best intentions.  

1) Change your mindset.

The problem with most diets is that people view it as a temporary fix.  How many times have you heard, "I need to go on a diet so I can lose 10 lbs."  That mindset is purely temporary - after all, once the person loses 10 lbs., he or she will feel like the goal has been accomplished, and the diet is over.  We all know what happens with most people...the weight comes back.

A better approach would be to say, "I need to go on a diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle."  The key to any effective diet is to be able to change your lifestyle as a result.  While you may not be able to follow any diet 100% of the time, you can aim for 80-90% compliance.  It's better than going from 100% to 0% as soon as your goal is achieved.

2) Make your diet public.

You don't need to tell the world via Facebook, but make it a point to tell your friends and family about your diet.  You'll find that most people are interested or can immediately relate.  You'll probably find many people who are also on various diets, and it'll make for a good conversation topic.

The reason you want to make your diet public is so that you feel more accountable to achieving positive results.  When you know that people will eventually ask, "How's the diet going?", you'll want to be able to report good news.  

3) Keep track of everything.

The best ways to achieve results is to make sure you're measuring them.  Take "before" pictures of yourself.  Weigh yourself at least weekly, and take measurements of your hips and waist periodically.

This way, you'll notice even the smallest changes, which will help motivate you to continue. Furthermore, you can actually quantify your progress beyond just "feeling" healthier.  This goes a long way toward helping you stick to the diet.

As you can see, there's a lot to take into account when attempting to take on a no carb diet, but if you have the right approach, you'll be very likely to succeed.