Life is hectic and many of us feel frazzled from the workload of both our personal and professional lives. But there are ways to get the most out of every minute of your day so that you can better manage your day to day life. Get yourself more organized and get better at time management with the following tips:

Respect the Value of Time

Give time its due respect. Once it's gone there's no getting it back, so use your time wisely and you'll increase your productivity in not only your professional life but in your personal life as well.

You can better respect time when you evaluate how much time it will take to finish an activity. Instead of scrambling through a responsibility or throwing something together because you didn't allow enough time to complete it properly, analyze how much time it will take to complete your duties. Then make sure you assign yourself that much time to get the important stuff done first. Left-over time (if you ever have any) can be used for sitting in front of the TV or playing a screen game.

Organize your Day

Get in the habit of organizing your day and things will soon start running much smoother. You can keep track of your daily requirements by:

Making lists

Use a palm pilot or a note pad, but get in the habit of writing to-do lists for yourself. Getting down on paper allows you to organize your thoughts and your schedule. This is an excellent way to decide how much time you need to allot for each thing on your to-do list.

List things in order of priority

Figure out what must be done and write that first. Then list things according to their importance. Tick things off as you complete them. Then you always know that the thing remaining at the top of your list is the most important thing you need to be doing at that moment of the day.

Supply yourself with tools to keep you organized

You are more likely to stay organized if you make sure that you are supplied with the tools that encourage organization. Note pads, sticky notes, ink for your computer, pens that work are all tools that allow you to stay organized and make the most out of each minute of the day.

Make long-term and short-term goals

Have daily goals, weekly goals, and even yearly goals. Set your standards high and you are more likely to stay focused and stay organized. With a specific goal in mind you will find that you have more discipline to stick to your schedule and prioritize your time.

This is where a personal strategic plan would be a great thing to implement in your life since it will not only set your goals, it will also help you start to focus on all the above in order to achieve the things you want in life!