Cellulite Orange peal Skin
When I lived in Europe in the 1990s I couldn't help noticing how slender and cellulite free the women there seemed to be without strenuous gym regimens. They had 3-5 kids, sported Audrey Hepburn waist-lines and looked great in swimsuits. When I first got cellulite, I immediately reached out to my slender European girlfriends for help and my cellulite was gone in a couple of weeks. With tips from each of them, I slowly built up an arsenal of simple cellulite busting techniques and this is what I learned.

Elegant European women fight cellulite on the outside with a savvy combination of fango mud wraps, dead sea salt water seaweed bathes, massage at least two times weekly, frequent body scrubs, and they walk or swim or bicycle two or three times per week for 45 minutes. In short, they pump up their blood circulation and the elimination of waste and toxins.

STEP 1: Break Up the Fat

In order to do this, you have to make prolonged (30 minutes to and hour) aggressive contact with the actual fatty zones every two- three days. You can do this yourself by hand or by getting a professional massage. By hand, give yourself a very focused kneading massage 2-3 times per week, while focusing on the inner and outer thigh area as well as the buttocks and love handles. Massage has the benefit of increasing circulation as well.

STEP 2: Increase Blood Circulation

Dead Sea Slat Bathes also increase circulation and the removal of metabolic waste. Two-three times per week for one month is an intense cure for cellulite. I know the directions on many US products call for a couple of table spoons, but when you are doing a cellulite cure use a couple of cups! Relax in the bath for up to 45 minutes. Do not put your head underwater. When you are finished, slowly get out of the bath tub, because your heart will race if you stand up too quickly. Then, take a cold shower. Put on a thick warm robe and go and lie down for 20 minutes while your blood does the work of removing the broken down fatty deposits from your system. You will be sweating a lot during this process so to avoid dehydration, be sure to drink lots of water before and after.

STEP 3: Tighten Your Skin

Always scrub in the shower daily with a sea sponge or body loofah and don't underestimate mud body wraps, especially ones that get cold or hot on the skin. The change in temperature will not only tighten your skin but are just more ways to pump up the circulation as well. As are cellulite body oils and creams that change temperature and body scrubs of all kinds.

STEP 4: Flush out Toxic Waste

Drink lots of water everyday. I know the standard rule is eight glasses but, when you are trying to flush fatty toxins from your system, it's more like 12 glasses, at least. Basically, you have to change you liquid consumption to be almost exclusively water, tea and natural juices. This means you will urinate a great deal a lot, every hour or so. This is the most natural way to keep cellulite from accumulating.

STEP 5: Sweat

A word about gyms. Gyms are great for people who eat processed foods. It takes a great deal for our bodies to remove all that gunk. If you don't eat processed foods, then, opt for Yoga may be all you really need to bust cellulite. Or instead just take a brisk daily hour-long walk in the park and use the sauna 2-3 times per week. Elegant European women don't go sweating at the gym, they do their sweating in the sauna followed by a cold bath or shower. Sweating releases the toxins from the skin and the cold shower afterward closes the pores and pumps up the blood circulation (moves fat) and keeps you safe from cold when you go back outside.


After your cellulite is gone, you should keep up these techniques once a week, this will train the area to not accept any new toxic materials for stagnation. The idea (with fat) is to keep it moving.


Exercise should be natural and dignified. If you are beyond the point of looking dignified in a leotard then, why go to the gym where all the 20 year olds with perky racks take on the StairMaster like the Bionic Woman? You only lose interest, waste your money and spend less time taking care of your self. Exercise in a way you enjoy and that makes you feel good about yourself. This is the surest way to beat cellulite I know.