Mucus in the lungs

How to deal with it

When one is suffering from a cold, flu or any other respiratory ailment it is more than probable that the mucus which accumulates in your nasal passage will eventually end up in your chest or more explicitly said in your lungs, and mucus in the lungs can lead to complications if not expelled as soon as possible. 

Mucus is full of bacteria and this is precisely the reason why when people don't wash their hands frequently they can pass on their cold to other people. Despite blowing their nose into a paper handkerchief and throwing it away afterwards, it is inevitable that some of the mucus will have also contaminated their hands. 

Bearing in mind how infectious mucus can be one can see how in your lungs it could cause quite a lot of havoc so hence the importance of getting rid of it. 

To some people it comes quite easy to be able to cough up and out the mucus that they have accumulated but for others it is difficult and so for them here are a few tips which can help: 

1. Fill up a basin with steaming hot water to which a few drops of menthol have been added. Place a towel over your head and breathe in the vapours for as long as you can. This will help to liquefy the mucus and make it easier to cough it out. 

Inhaling vapours

2. In the privacy of your bathroom bend over the basin while pressing your two hands just below your rib cage and begin to cough. It will require quite a few coughs before you begin to feel the mucus in your lungs moving, but if you are patient and continue it will eventually start rising up to your throat from where it will be easy to spit it out. 

3. Make sure you clean the basin well after you have done this and you will immediately find that you have less pressure in your chest. 

4. This will have to be done various times throughout the day and for as long as you feel that your lungs are congested. 

5. In order to speed up things you can also buy something called 'Mucinex' from your chemist. This is an orange flavoured powder which is taken with water and helps to liquefy the mucus and eliminate it. Apart from this drinking lots of water also helps. 

6. And finally look after your cold so that it disappears as quickly as possible and for this you need to remain in a constant temperature, not too cold and not too hot. Rest so that you leave your body with enough energy to fight back the virus and try to blow your nose before any of that nasty mucus falls down into your lungs.