How to Eliminate Stress From Your Life It's impossible to totally eliminate stress from your life, especially with our hectic, over scheduled lifestyles.

However, racing through life frenzied and frantic at breakneck speed from morning to night ultimately leads to total burnout.

Stress is inevitable, of course, but a lot of the stress we deal with is unnecessary. We worry about things that really are not important.

Try these 10 tips to help eliminate stress from your life.

1. Accept yourself with all of your flaws.

TV infomercials have a cure for every physical imperfection--acne, flab, balding. Is it any wonder people worry obsessively about their appearance? Do put your best foot forward--just keep in mind that the slight bump in your nose really doesn't diminish your worth as a person.

2. Accept the flaws of others.

Judging others is a stressful activity, so look past imperfections into the inner person. There's a great human being inside. You'll end up with more friends and become a more compassionate and caring person.

3. Count your blessings.

Do you have a warm home, nutritious food to eat, and clothes to wear? In the not-so-distant past, this was significant wealth! You're richer than you think.

4. Unsure about a decision?

Think about the worst that could happen if you proceeded. Would anyone be hurt physically or emotionally? Could you lose all your worldly belongings? If you answer no, then why not go for it!

5. Are you and your family in good health?

This is the one thing you cannot buy. Count yourself fortunate. Taking good care of yourself eliminates stress now and in the future.

6. Are you spending time with the people you love, doing things that you love?

Life isn't all about work and getting ahead. A game of Scrabble or working on a craft project is not only therapeutic, it's fun, too (and a lot cheaper than psychotherapy).

7. Are you a perfectionist?

Stop now! This is a huge stress creator. Perfection is an impossible goal. Establish a reasonable goal and work toward that instead.

8. Say no to most requests for your time and think carefully when you say yes.

Accept one volunteer position at your child's school, not all 17 requests. You have done your part--allow others to do theirs. The world will not fall apart if you don't chair every committee or tackle every project.

9. Stop worrying about the opinions of others, especially strangers.

It's the "keeping up with the Jones'" syndrome. Face it, there will always be people who have more stuff than you do and get more awards than you do. And people make stupid comments. Don't let them get you down.

10. Become physically active.

It's a great stress reducer, both physically and emotionally. Take a walk, dance, garden, do something you love. Turn off the TV and go outside! Introduce some healthy food into your diet, too, such as apple slices for dessert and carrot sticks as a snack.

To eliminate stress from your life, try these 10 suggestions. Stress wears you out and speeds up aging, so mellow out and kick back.