A Power Point Presentation Popular as they may be, PowerPoint presentations can be tedious to its own audience. Have you never had to endure a presentation where the slides were boring and uninteractive? So, for your own presentation, why not embed a video?

Things You Will Need

A video and a Power Point presentation.

Step 1

The Video

Whether it's a video you made or that you got from someone else, you need to have the video on your computer before putting it on your PowerPoint presentation. If you are downloading a video from the internet, be sure to read the usage policy first. You need to know if you have the right to publicly show this video and how to credit it.

Step 2

Your Presentation

Open your presentation and choose the slide where the video will be embedded.

Step 3

Time to Insert!

Go to the Insert menu and click on Movie (well "Movie and Sounds"). You will then be prompted to click on the file. Don't forget to click OK once you've chosen your file.

The End

Your PowerPoint presentation now has the video embedded. Remember that it is embedding by reading it - it is not saving the video into the actual PowerPoint. So don't delete the video.

Photo credit of Wikimedia Commons

Tips & Warnings

- It may be easier to have the video in the same folder as the presentation
- Don't delete the video
- Always check that you have permission to use the video and credit as needed.
- If you ever need to put the PowerPoint presentation into another computer, send it via email, or put it on a flash drive, don't forget you also need to send over the movie file.