For some parents the task of getting there teen child to clean their room is fruitless. No matter how much yelling and threats you make some teens just refuse to clean there room. If you are desperate to get your teen to clean there room here are some suggestions of ways that may encourage your teen to clean their room.

Asking Nicely

Ask nicely. If you normally nag at your teen child try simply asking nicely. Explain how hard you and there father work both at home and away from home. Sometimes simply asking nicely and laying a small guilt trip on them may work.

A Teens Dirty BedroomEmbarrassment

If asking your teen nicely to clean there room then try some embarrassment. You teen probably is not embarrassed by the way his or her room looks so you you need to get them embarrassed about how there room looks.

Invite your teens friends over without telling your teen. When your teen gets back tell him that his friends are waiting for him in his room. Maybe he will be embarrassed enough to clean his room some when his friends leave.

If that does not work then invite your sons girlfriend over when your teen son is away. When your teen returns home he may be mortified that his new girlfriend seen his dirty underwear strewn all over the floor.

If neither of these two options work then take pictures and post them online for everyone too see.

Tom Sawyer

Use the old Tom Sawyer method. If your teen and his friends have plans to go somewhere important to them such as the mall, roller skating, swimming, or just a night out at the movies you can try this. Invite his friends to come over and hang out during the day and have lunch before they go out for the evening. When his friends are there tell them they are welcome to stay over for the night but your teen can not go out with them because his room is trashed. 9 times out of 10 his friends will all pitch in to get his room cleaned. With 4-5 friends helping out cleaning the room will not take long at all. You as a parent can help make sure that they have fun by playing loud music for them. Not your music but the music your teen and his friends like.

Satellite TV and Cell Phone

If your teen loves his satellite TV or is constantly on his cell phone then have it turned off until he gets his room cleaned. After his room gets cleaned tell him if he does not stay on top of it you will have his cell phone and or satellite TV revoked again and for a longer period.


For some people they can keep a clean room clean but if it falls in disrepair they struggle and truly do not understand where to start. They may be very stressed over this. If you step in and actually help your son or daughter get there room cleaned and organized then they will be able to stay on top of it.


If your teen wants the walls painted a new color or different carpet layed in the room then you can have them sign a contract. If the agree to clean and organize the room and KEEP it clean and organized you will pay to have new carpet and or paint put in the room. If your teen helps with the job such as repainting the room they may take more pride in there bedroom and keep it in tip top shape.

Clean Rooms

There are many ways to encourage teens to clean their rooms. What works for one teen will not work for another. You as the parent should not bet discouraged or frustrated. Look at it as a game and keep experimenting until you find what works with your teen child. Image Credit: (Flickr/TheoGeo)