Families have a moral responsibility to protect and care for the earth. Here are some environmental concerns and some tips from experts on ways to guide our children and family to protect the earth.

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Save paper:

  • Use cloth diapers instead of disposable ones.
  • Use permanent coffee filters instead of throwaway.
  • Bring a sturdy cloth bag for groceries instead of plastic or paper.
  • Reuse gift boxes and gift wrappers.
  • Purchase small containers containers for lunch boxes instead of paper of plastic bags.

Economize on water:

  • Use water-saving shower heads.
  • Repair leaky faucets, valves, and pipes.
  • Shut off water while brushing teeth or shaving. A gallon can be wasted in less than a minute.
  • Eliminate of cut down on lawn watering or car washing.
  • If you water your yard, water only at dawn or dusk to minimize evaporation.

Travel and Fuel Awareness

  • Do you travel to work by walking, biking, driving your car, carpool or mass transit?
  • Do you walk instead of driving your car for nearby errands?
  • Do you reduce car trips by planning ahead?
  • Do you lower thermostats a few degrees in winter and set airconditioner a few degrees higher in summer?

Conserve the Air:

  • Avoid aerosols
  • Substitute non-toxic alternatives like cedar chips on closets instead of using mothballs.
  • Use service centers with equipment that captures CFCs during air conditioner repairs.

Do you recycle?

  • Do you encourage recycling of glass, aluminum, paper, plastic, metal, wood, and cans?
  • Have you started a compost pile of organic waste for the yard and garden?
  • Could you start or join a recycling program in your neighborhood or town?

Look at your personal example:

  • Dispose off litter properly.
  • Pick up public litter and encourage others to help.
  • Write letters and articles of environmental concern contribute to more public awareness.
  • Be aware of issues by reading about environment concerns.
  • Use fuel efficient car and drive within the speed limit.

Use these for starters. Guide each member of your family-from young children through the teen years-to make a personal commitment to get involved. Perhaps everyone in your home can discover other ways to cut back, change, or eliminate.

An old proverb says: "Treat the earth well. IT wasn't given to you by your grandparents. It was lent to you by your children and grandchildren."

Our earth and its resources confront a great danger. Changing old habits may prove difficult. But our world faces problems about which parents of today can do something. We can teach our children to protect and care for the earth. Parents, make a difference. The future is in your hands.