Your personal happiness is very important as it allows you to feel fantastic on the inside which is then reflected on the outside allowing you to be confident, creative and get all of the recognition you deserve in your home and working life. One of the ways you can improve and enhance your personal happiness is by working on all of the things in your life or things you would like to add to your life that make you happy. The best way to do this is by making a list and then one by one enhancing the happiness that you get from each one.


  • Personal Connections – this includes the connections and relationships you have with your family members, your friends, your children and even your work colleagues. Every connection requires work on your part in order to acquire positive feedback from them which then makes you happy! Relationships can always do with some extra input to make things happier for both sides, so take a look at each relationship and work out what extra things you can put into each one to increase the overall happiness within them.


  • Confidence – Increasing your confidence will improve your own personal happiness. There are several ways that you can do this which include updating your wardrobe as what you wear will make you feel more confident and extrovert. Another way is to look into the mirror each day in the morning and tell yourself that you are a wonderful person and that you deserve to be happy, by doing this you are placing into your subconscious a seed which over time will blossom into a full thought. This thought will always be there in the back ground making you feel complete happiness in yourself and will leave you feeling very confident. This technique needs to be repeated every day and once you adapt your thinking to this new way of thinking you will respect yourself even more!


  • Prune the bad things in your life – By looking at all of the things in your life you are unhappy with will allow you to see what you can change. This can take some courage but the best way to do this is to just do it, be decisive and go for it! You may look at your list and recognize how unhappy you are with your current job, it may be stifling your creative thinking, not give you the respect you deserve for all of the input you put into your job or give you any recognition for your ideas or money that you bring into the company. All of these things can damage your personalhappiness stifling it and reducing the potential you deserve. Begin by looking for a new job, you may decide to change your career completely and try something new that you have always fancied trying but have never had the guts to do. Others will look for a new job that is within the same level of pay they are currently getting or a higher paid job, remember through it all even though it may be hard to adapt to this new way of thinking but you deserve this!