You Can Enjoy Your Exercise And Reduce Weight

It's not easy to reduce weight if you don't enjoy the exercises that you're doing. Staying in shape while reducing your weight will be a lot of fun and effective if you know some of the ways on how to take the joy of improving your overall health by simply exercising. 

When you start to embrace and be excited for the schedule of your exercise, then you'll not see and feel it as a kind of job or heavy task. Learn how to love it for the prime reason that it can help make your body strong and healthy. Never give up because there are wonderful ways where you can enjoy working out, making your body physically active and your mind mentally alert.

Moderately Challenging


things you'll need:

  • Determination
  • Time
  • Effort
  • Exercise gadgets
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      Exercise with music. Whatever type of exercise you want to do, as much as possible, add music to it because it can make your workout much more relaxing and enjoyable. For example, if you want to run, grab your light-weight music gadget because it's really enjoyable when you can hear good music while you exercise and sweat on the trail or in the gym.

      Music may encourage you to exercise a little more too and as a result, you could reduce your weight fast while having a lot of fun exercising. Have your favorite list of fast and up-beat tunes in your music gadget. Just make sure that your portable digital audio player can also keep up with you.

    • 2

      Consider exercise as your stress reliever. If you think it this way then you would want to do it almost everyday. People want to relieve their stress and if they consider that exercising is the prime enforcer to release negative feelings then they would love to do their workouts and become happy after accomplishing it everyday.

    • 3

      Get a close friend to exercise with you. When you have a partner when you'll go to the gym or jog outdoors then both of you can even just chat while exercising. You can share jokes, laugh and at the same time enjoy the kind of exercise that both of you like. Consider a friend who is also committed to have a healthy lifestyle which includes regular exercising.

      Add different activities in your exercise routine. Don't adhere with the same old routine. Venture and combine it with different exercise routines that both of you can follow. 

      You could also add other fun activities. For example, if you don't like using the treadmill inside the gym then try running outside and visit a beautiful place where you can appreciate the beauty of nature. You could also try belly dancing, sports, or martial arts.

    • 4

      Avoid being too self-conscious when you're exercising. This will become a big hindrance why you'll not enjoy your workout. 

      If you're exercising inside the gym, just pay less attention to the people around you and concentrate more to your workout. When you continue to visit the gym, you'll get used to the place, the environment, including the kind of people who are constantly there and soon you'll be having fun while exercising because you were able to adjust everything that is around you.

    • 5

      Record your improvements. Recording your fitness improvements like strength, stamina and flexibility could keep you well-updated in every healthy step that you make. 

      You may also record your weight loss or muscle gain if you want to. In this way, you'll start to be aware of that you're really taking good care of your health and appreciate your body and strength.

      Be positive because improvements in vigor and endurance start when you do enjoy exercising. You can see a more leaner you after a couple of weeks and feel that strength increase. As a result, you'll be proud of your wonderful accomplishment.

    • 6

      Take a vacation where you can stay active and still have fun. Go visit some places where you and your loved one or the entire family can hike, take a bike tour, ski, or build a sports camp. A vacation where you can breathe fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature is good for your overall health.

    • 7

      Think of your exercise workout as a child's play. Think of those days when you were still young and the sports that you loved like playing basketball, tennis, soccer or some fun activities like when you rode your bike with friends and built sand castles on the beach. If you can still do some of it or improvised those activities then you'll enjoy while you also sweat.

      If you have young children, you can play backyard games like basketball, tag, hopscotch, have fun swimming, play tennis, volleyball, badminton or stay inside the house sometimes and use a revolutionized modern gadget where players will enjoy standing side by side allowing body movements using the remote.

    • 8

      Reward yourself after you were able to accomplish the achievement that you had reached based on your record of improvements. No matter how small it can be like buying yourself a healthy drink or a little inexpensive item that you love. If you feel that you really need a good a massage, then get one.

      This will entirely depend upon you on how to reward yourself but it doesn't need to cost so much since you were able to enjoy your exercise too. You can also just take a hot shower then eat your favorite salad while viewing your favorite show.

Tips & Warnings

  • Continue your daily exercise regimen. You can also try yoga, Pilates or aerobics. Never think or feel that it's a chore. You need to consider that you could suffer from various illnesses and diseases because you didn't give exercise a place in your way of living.

  • If you have an active lifestyle by enjoying exercising, you'll feel light and everything gets easier for you like doing your daily chores, taking care of the kids, doing your office job and among other things in your life.

  • There is a big possibility that your children will follow your healthy lifestyle too. It's important that parents should become good role models when it comes to being mentally and physically healthy and active.

  • As you continue to work with your body, your confidence will also increase and every time you look into the mirror, you can see a vibrant and healthy person.

  • When you remain with your exercise regimen, your sex life will also improve. You'll have more time and energy to do other things that the whole family loves like going to the beach.

  • If the weather is not good or if you feel you need a change of the way you exercise then you can just do it in front of the television by watching your favorite music videos or shows. The key is keep moving and have fun.

  • Take note that when you join a gym or any social health club, you'll get to meet new people who could give you company and this could make exercising more sociable and enjoyable.

  • Enough exercise can improve your sleeping habits.

  • Don't start to exercise when you feel so stressed.

  • Avoid eating unhealthy snacks or foods that will just make you weak. Be conscious of what you eat and prefer steamed and grilled kinds of food.

  • Use a good set of earphones if you want to enjoy listening your favorite music while exercising outdoors. You also need to be careful and cautious of what's going on around you. Always carry your cell phone in case of emergency.

  • Be extra careful when using a treadmill or operating any exercise machine if you have a toddler or young children around you