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Burma is a magnificent country and a wonderful place to visit. It has plenty of inexpensive and unique products that you can find in many of their local markets and shops. The townspeople are nice and friendly. Burma is the name for Myanmar if you use the English language since the colonial civilization and is now known as Myanmar if you use the Burmese language name for it.

In 1989, the Burmese government (ruling military junta) changed its name by using their own Burmese language including a number of places in the region. For example, Mawlamyine is a name coming from the Burmese language for the English term Moulmein while Yangon is a Burmese term used to name the place Rangoon.

Myanmar is the largest country in Southeast Asia and it's presently ruled by a military council or junta. Other countries still recognize and refer Myanmar as Burma but even if the name has been changed and in spite of its political shortcomings, people from all over the world are still willing to visit this majestic and beautiful place.


Things You Will Need


  • Money
  • Passport
  • Itinerary
  • Laptop, tablet, netbook or any portable computer


Step 1

Get a tourist visa. You can easily get a tourist visa through the Myanmar embassies worldwide. If the place that you currently live does not have a Myanmar embassy, you can acquire a tourist visa via an Asian country like Thailand or China and this will depend on your flight as well. It's advisable to get the help from a reliable travel agent so that this can be arranged properly and conveniently in Bangkok.

You can travel through China and go through Burma's Road of the WWII traveling via land transportation. You can also have an option to fly heading for Bangkok and after that, catch a plane from there to Myanmar through the Mandalay or Yangon route.

Step 2

Call the Myanmar Tourism Promotion Board to find a good accommodation. They can give you updated information like airline flight schedules, trade show information, and other things especially if this is the first time that you'll be visiting the country formerly known as Burma. You can also go to their official website for accommodation listings at or directly call them at 011(+95) (0)1 242 828, Ext. 6462. 

Step 3

Book your trip with well-established travel operators. In this way, you'll feel relaxed because things will just be arranged for you and if there's any problem, someone will instantly take care of it without you being bothered. It's advisable that you can research well prior to visiting the country so that you'll have a better understanding about the country, culture, people and among other things in order for you to have informed choices, not only from those tours that you'll be taking. 

When it comes to your tour agreement with a travel agency, you can ask them to have a hotel where you can have your own car and travel guide so you'll have a convenient and flexible time when visiting the places that you want. If you don't want to book with tour operators for certain reasons, it's advisable to fly directly to Mandalay or Yangon. Once you're there, you can just book a hotel and make your own arrangement and have more options.

You can also get a car directly from the hotel that you'll be staying. Most of the hotel's in Myanmar have hired drivers who are friendly and they could even become good guides as well. Just remember to give them a tip because they will truly appreciate it. The hotel where you'll stay could also help you find a very good guide if you need one every time you go to other places within the country.

Step 4

Choose an accommodation that is right for you. You can rent a bungalow at a small local hotel for fifteen dollars ($15) a day and if you're travelling during the time during off-season, this price could even include a breakfast meal.

If you'll stay in a local guesthouse located in one of their remote rural villages, your accommodation would possibly cost between four up to six dollars ($4 - $6) a day but don't expect the amenities that those expensive hotels can offer.

Consider staying in one of their bed and breakfast inns in Yangon. It could cost you between twenty five up to forty-five dollars ($25 - $45) per night with good air-conditioning, internet connection, satellite television, refrigerator and breakfast. You may be able to find good deals online mostly through popular travel sites.

Choose a luxury hotel in one of the big cities in Myanmar even if you're traveling on a budget. Most of their luxury hotels are really cheap compared to the US and European countries. You'll be amazed at the wonderful and great amenities that you can enjoy while staying in one of their luxury hotels.

The hospitality of the employees while you're staying there in their luxury hotels is good. You can just fly through Yangon Mingadalon International Airport and travel via the domestic air services if you want to visit the larger cities of Myanmar or Burma.

Stay in a hotel where you'll be reminded of the country's old colonial past. The Strand is an example which was built in 1901 and is centrally located in Yangon. This beautiful hotel has been refurbished in the 1920's theme and it is an amazing building to see.

Step 5

Visit the beautiful Pagodas and Temples of Myanmar. The magnificent Ananda Temple is located southeast of Tharabar Gate in Bagan. This was constructed in 1105 by King Kyanzittha. The pagoda consecrates the four Buddhas. These Buddhas are facing a particular direction so Kakusanda faces north, Kassapa faces south, Konagamana faces east and Gotama faces west.

Ananda is known for its annual festival on a full moon celebrated during the month of Pyatho. This celebration generally falls between December and January which shows the beautiful stone sculptures, glazed works, and mural paintings that adorns the temple.

The Dhammayangyi Temple is the biggest temple located in Bagan, Myanmar located east of Shinbinthalaung and Shwesandaw as one of the nation's ancient capitals. This enormous and majestic temple was built between the years 1167 and 1170 by King Naruthu.

Based on history, King Naruthu created the temple to make amends for former misdoing to the throne by murdering his father and brother. It is a single story building with six pyramidal terraces known for its durable brickwork with massive and towering walls. If you visit Bagan, you can view thousands of these ancient and beautiful shrines mostly constructed before the 13th century.

Pay a visit to the Shwedagon Pagoda, also popularly known as the Golden Pagoda which is located in Yangon, Myanmar. This is one of the most sacred Buddhist temples for the people of Myanmar. It enshrines the relics of three Buddhas and these are the staff of Kakusandha, the water filter of Konagamana and a piece of the robe of Kassapa.

Shwedagon Pagoda is a dedicated place for the relics of the Lord Buddha and his teachings which also includes the eight strands of his hair. The entire temple is encased ingold and is a magnificent sight during the day and night.

The Shwezigon Pagoda is located northwest of Kyanzittha Umin in a town near Bagan called Nyaung Oo. It is a Buddhist temple built in order to enshrine one of the four replicas of the Buddha tooth in Sri Lanka.

The scattered illustrated scenes of Buddha's many lives (550 Jatakas) can be found around the base of the pagoda with the four bronze shrines placed at the cardinal points of the Buddha. The temple's famous bell shape design can be seen replicated in different temples throughout Burma.

The daily life in Myanmar is centered around Buddhism. If you can stay longer and observe the people do their worship, you'll feel like one of them even just for a day. Some of the local folks come to worship and happily clean the temples with their brooms. You may be able to watch a processions by them offering gifts to their holy temple. 


Tips and Warning:


Myanmar has a tropical climate with three seasons. First is the rainy season which usually starts from May to October. Next is the cool season which generally begins from November and will last up until February. The third is the hot season which will usually starts from March up to April.

Myanmar has a various types of traditional food. Their main dishes include rice, fish, meat, and prawn curries usually served with side-dishes like different variety of soups, fried- vegetables salads and raw vegetables eaten with fish sauce.

Many of their restaurants prepare tasty curries which is prepared with a blend if various spices. Tourists generally want to savor their authentic food from these restaurants. Most of the country's shops and restaurants are decorated with traditional Burmese decor.

Board on one of the Mandalay-Bagan express ferries where passengers get a chance to relax in their reclining seats located on the lower deck. Their ferries also offer a bar and café located on the upper deck.

You can purchase train tickets if you're in Myanmar because it's easy to have them through their station ticket offices. Try to inquire through their ticket windows and you'll be invited to enter in the ticket booth office. Wait for a little while and prepare for the names if you're traveling with a few people or members of family. Provide the nationality and passport number for everyone because these will be written on each ticket.

It's advisable to purchase tickets a few days before your travel. Bookings are usually done through hand-written reservation lists at the station where your trip will start. You can also book train tickets through your hotel.


Land transportation could be uncomfortable if you're not that adventurous and is not used to the humid climate of Myanmar. Some of their roads are bumpy. Avoid Burma's very cramped public bus transportation because you might end up being so stressed and "sweaty" after the trip.