Crazy faces

How to enjoy life

I may not be long in years or grizzled by wisdom, but that is only by comparison. To a infant I am a lord erudite of vast and far reaching knowledge. That would be a lesson in itself; refrain from comparing. But! I shall not bother you with grand concepts and illustrious teachings, for, quite honestly, we have heard them all before and are in no way lacking sources of profound quotes and the like. No, what I shall be focusing on is the actual application of enjoyment. Below are few examples of things I have personally found to be effective.

Screw dignity. Dignity is by definition the feeling of stateliness, of nobility, perhaps even of superiority. Well give it up, the more you cultivate the image that you are oh-so-serious and lordly, the more effort you must put into convincing yourself of that and the more stressed, embarrassable and you become. So the following;

Lie on the floor, stand on tables. Use everything for everything but it's intended purpose; CDs are excellent frisbees and can be fired with elastics, rollerblades are better used on the hands and coffee cups from the garbage can make a mean Eiffel tower

Spin. Drugs and alcohol are expensive, dizziness is free! Play tag or each down at football only once all competitors are sufficiently gyrated and woozy of their own accord

Live in your own world. Forget what others think of you, ask if you like you.

Make fun of yourself, constantly. Nobody's perfect and we are all bloody human so you might as well have a good laugh at it.

Grow funny mustaches or pigtails. Make full use of your hair growing capabilities or the many styles that you can create with your luscious locks.

Explore. All surroundings are made more comfortable when fully known. Be it your cubicle's or your neighborhood, know the ins and outs, make it your own.

Cultivate fascination. Everything is cool, everything is intricate and complex. Inspect the stapler with careful detail, know how and the reclining chair works.

Feel things. Generally everything had an interesting texture or composition. You will be surprised how closely attached you can get to you can get to those carpet samples once you know them more intimately. "Who cares what shade of beige we put in? They feel awesome!"

Make faces. Non-maliciously of course. Intentional overreactions are hilarious. Also, actively speculate how you would react if you were thrown into a bathtub of pickles and mayonnaise.

There are a few examples of glorious existance enjoyment. For more, explore this web site I fould.