Child Safety First!

It may seem impossible to keep a home attractive and make sure a child is safe when one has a toddler running about in the house. After all, many of the furniture items one may want have sharp corners or they are made from fragile materials like glass that can cause a child to be hurt. Luckily, there are new materials that are child friendly and still attractive. Remember, always opt for a child-friendly material to its attractiveness, after all, furniture and furnishings are capable of being replaced.

When trying to understand how safe your home is for your children, start by getting a child's eye view. It is always easy to assume that your child sees what you see. However, when you get down on your hands and knees, you discover hidden dangers that you knew nothing about. You will see how a table lamp can be pulled down onto your unfortunate child. You will notice that the wooden floor wax you use, smells nice that could tempt you to taste. You will see electrical sockets, cables and electrical items like music systems that urge your toddler to explorer. You will see small things of different types lying under furniture on which your child can chew and choke. Take a tour on your hands and knees and you'll understand why the toilet bowl or a pan is so interesting to your child.

Your child's curiosity is as a result of a desire to understand their surrounding, how it tastes, feels and look like. This is part of their growing process and you can help without leaving your home looking like a zoo. Child safety shouldn't be an excuse a dull home interior, but an opportunity to include the needs of your child in your decorating.

Child Safety Tips

Make sure you take the following precautions:

  • Child Safety Item-Socket PlugsCover all the sockets using socket plugs. Those that are in use should be hidden behind furniture. Where possible, exchange any furniture with sharp corners with one with rounded edges. If you can't bear to lose the items, pad the sharp edges.
  • Child Safety Item-Door KnobInstall door stoppers and make door pads that hang over knobs your child's fingers are not caught in a closing door.
  • Set up window guards or safety latches to stop windows on top floors from opening. The same applies to get access to balconies.
  • Put in a safety gate at the top and the bottom of each stairs, which you can ask your local carpenter to make. This will prevent your child falling from stairs which can be deadly. Once yChild Safety Item-Safety Gateour child is old enough to move around on their own, make sure that all stairs have tough handrails that they can reach.
  • Install locks on cupboards that hold medicine, cleaning detergents and other substances that would be harmful when swallowed.
  • Keep buckets away and the kitchen out off-limits.

These are just some of the child's safety items and measures you can put in place.

Now that you have made sure your child is safe at home, you still want to cater to the decorating tastes and the needs of the adults who live in the house. Follow these tips:

  • A play corner for your child, either in the living room or bedroom, will go along way towards keeping both of you happy. Your child can have their toys, sleeping mat and even a chalk board to write on. Keep a bucket so that they can tidy up when done. Child Safety Item-Play cornerThis play corner will help you keep the other areas of the home free from your child's children's multitude of things, and easy to organise for adult activities. Also, give your children a little patch on which to grow their own things and they will find it easier to leave your flower bed alone.
  • Child Safety Item-Table EdgesIf you have a lot of child-unfriendly pieces, you may wish to sale  or keep them in storage. Buy a cabinet that houses the TV and music system. It just makes life so much easier than fighting with a two-year-old every time you find a spoon stuck in the DVD door. Coffee tables should be low and rounded at the edges or pad the sharp edges.

Remember, If your baby's happy, everybody is happy!