IF you are on government benefits you will have been provided with a job network provider (JSA). Through this service you will have been provided with an Employment or Placement consultant whose task is to assist to get you off benefits and into work. However, your casemanager will have a number of other client’s they are responisible for (anywhere between 50 and 200) at any one time so if you want your case managers assistance there are a few things you should be aware of.

Most EC’s have targets and key performance indicaters they need to meet, this usually means they need to get a certain number of their client’s jobs each month. A lot of case workers have a Top 10 list. It basically means they have a list of their top 10 clients who they think will ace an interview or need miminal assistance to get the job and keep the job. It is in the case workers best interest (to meet their KPI’s) to submit their top 10 candidates for jobs before the other 190 people that may or may not do well. Here is how to ensure you are on your case managers top 10 list.

Make sure your EC knows you are keen to work. EC’s see so many people that are not really interested and are just there to keep the benefits that somebody demonstrating they are keen is the number one way to get on the list. This means showing up for all your appointments on time and dressed to go to an interview, it means bringing in any certificates or resumes you have so your EC gets a good idea of what your strengths are. It means calling your EC at least once a week to ask for an update on jobs that may suit you. It means a willingness to work anywhere until you can find the job you want but most importantly show your EC that you are keen to find work by looking for jobs yourself. Remember your EC has another 100 or so people they need to look out for, you have only yourself. By showing your EC that you have a go getter additude they will be much more likely to put you forward for positions as they arise.

"I’ve worked as an employment consultant for the last (5) years and the number one important thing for me is that the client has to really want to work. That means they show up for their appointments, they call me once a week to see what jobs might have come in to suit them, they attend interviews that are arranged for them and most importantly they try and source they’re own employment. I get a lot of people say to me “but it’s your job to get me a job”. Actually it’s my job to help you get a job and I learnt a long time ago that you can’t help people that won’t help themselves. That’s why even if someone has no experience but demonstrates that they really really want a job I’ll put them forward for an interview over someone who has the experience but is doing nothing to find work themselves. For example, I recently had a client that had reception experience but for the last (3) years had done absoultly nothing about finding herself another job after she had been made redundant when the business closed. She frequently missed appointments, showed no interest in applying for her own jobs and had failed to go to an interview arranged for her for cafe attendant job the week before. My other client had zero reception experience but an absolute winning personality. I had seen her submitting her resumes at the local shops one day on my lunch break, she always attended appointments and she frequently brought in newspaper advertisements to ask for assistance with cover letters and applications for positions. We had a rule where I worked that everytime a job came in each EC was only able to submit one client for the role because they’re were so many of us. Well, I picked the second client, who aced the interview and gained full time employment in a role she wanted. The employer was taken back by her enthusiasm for the position and hired her even without the experience. The first client was very unhappy that she was not submitted for the role as this is what she wanted to do but at the end of the day I have my own targets to meet and if I’m putting someone up for a job I want to make sure they are my best bet."

Have you worked with an employment consultant before? What was your experience? What other things could you do to show your EC that you are keen to find work? We love your comments.