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Many people from different parts of the world are facing different physical problems as they age, but the most common struggle of many is how to erase liver spots. What is a liver spot, anyway? Well, it is not a condition that has something to do with the liver or affecting that particular human organ – but of the aging skin. It is a skin condition that reveals a clear alteration of the color that happens in older skin. These liver spots are said to be flat, brown-black spots that normally show on the skin in areas of the body that are usually exposed to the sun or other forms of ultraviolet radiation. Aging also serves as one of the factors that greatly influence the augmentation of color, while other unknown factors are still being determined.


The struggle to erase liver spots has been very familiar to people who are at their 40s, but most especially to those who spend much time under the sun. From the back of the hands to the face, forearms to forehead, and bald scalp to the shoulders, these spots are blemishes that manifest the older skin’s lesser capacity to renew from sun exposure. In most popular cases, liver spots present no risk to those who have them and demand no treatment but they have intermittently been associated to obscure discovery of skin cancer.  To some, they just love it on their skin, but to many these spots are deemed unattractive so they prefer to have them removed through several cosmetological and medical methods.

Taking a Closer Look at Liver Spots: Identification, Examination and Diagnosis


Liver spot is just among the many skin-related ailments associated with aging skin. Wrinkles, leathery skin, age spots, and many other skin conditions, that may become obvious through increased skin dehydration or dryness, decreased perspiration, and noticeable changes in hair growth and facial forms, may impact one’s lifestyle and self-esteem. These conditions however are not signs of aging, but considerably the effect of direct exposure to the sun.


Also known as age spots, brown spots, lipofuscin pigment, and lentigo, this condition is identified visibly on the affected area of the skin, particularly starting on the arms, hands, and on the face. It is the outcome of the skin’s intrinsic reaction against the heat of the sun as it tries to protect itself.  Diagnosis for this condition is basically based on the skin’s outer shell or appearance, but for a liver spot that looks abnormal may consider a biopsy to ensure that it is not another case of skin cancer.

Noticeable color alteration connected with older skin comes in brown spots which is the initial result of the body or the skin from trying to protect itself from prolonged exposure to the sun. They are like huge freckles that are not detrimental or painful but may affect the beauty of the skin.

Various Methods of Liver Spots Treatment

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In most cases, there is no treatment needed to address this condition. Skin bleaching lotions or creams with an active hydroquinone ingredient may improve the appearance of one’s skin; however this active element may cause other damaging skin results. Skin lightening solutions that contain all natural ingredients are also available to slowly eliminate liver spots, especially those found on the hands and face. All natural elements work through enhancing the color of the skin and help erase liver spots and renew it. Some experts have also introduced a perfect concoction of all active ingredients that would help rejuvenate the skin which is affected by liver spot.


The field of cosmetology and medicine offer diverse methods to erase liver spots – like laser treatment, electrosurgery, or cryotherapy. With the present technological advancement, laser treatment has become one of the most popular approaches to help people with liver spots recover their supple and beautiful skin. Electrosurgery is another application that uses high-frequency electric current to an organic tissue as a way to cut or burn it and achieve the desired goal of skin perfection. Cryotherapy or surgery, on the other hand, is a method of super freezing the tissue to destroy it.

The abovementioned methods are only few of the many popular means to help those who want to erase liver spots on their skin. There are a lot more methods that may be very beneficial to those who have liver spots. 

How to Prevent or Correct Liver Spots?

As people age, their health also changes, including their metabolism and organ functioning. It takes years for liver spots to form, thus it would also take time to erase it. What is important is to learn how to recognize it for what it is and if the person dealing with it wants to erase it, then that person has to commit to working on eliminating them.

There are simple ways to prevent liver spots. Since most people love the heat of the sun, it is necessary to always wear a good sunscreen protection, which is recommended half an hour before exposing oneself to the sun and should be reapplied often. Practically, wearing long sleeved shirts, long pants or skirts, gloves, umbrellas, and any protective clothing that will keep the intense heat of the sun from your skin which would help avoid liver spots.  It is also not advisable to use perfumes and shave lotions before exposing one’s skin to the sun because these would affect and increase the level of skin’s sensitivity.


To erase liver spots is a tedious process so it is very indispensable that every person should be responsible in taking care of his or her skin and protect it from the sun. Liver spots can be avoided, prevented and or treated, but it is still very important to have a healthy skin in order to shun the hassles and worries of dealing with eliminating liver spots.  A good diet, proper skin supplement, careful exposure to the sun and other ultraviolet radiations, and good nutrition is still the best way to live a healthy life – with a radiant, supple, and hale and hearty skin.