There is no such thing as overnight beautiful skin. It takes years of good skin care to achieve beautiful and younger-looking skin.

But what if the skin is suffering from horrible drying and it was just simply drying so fast?

What is common in skin dryness is the fact that it is experienced by most people of all age groups. But do you know that skin dryness is not just an external problem? The worst part of skin dryness is the possibility that it can reach the deeper layers of skin.

Since deep skin dryness, thinning skin, are typically not visible from the outside,  people do not give importance to it.  The inner dermis is more susceptible to damage. Dehydrated dermis triggers faster aging process of the skin.

There are ways to treat skin deep dryness. The natural sebum produce by the body is one way. The other one is by applying moisturizer. However, the most advisable way for treating skin deep dryness is to moisturize it naturally - without costing you a fortune.

Here’s how:

1.    Go to the root of the problem. Refrain from drinking liquor, and the use of tobacco. Modcanned goodserate the intake of salt and caffeine. As much as possible, do not eat processed foods--the preservatives added not only deplete the skin its natural elasticity, it also depletee the body of vitamins. Drink fresh fruit juice in lieu of processed juice drinks. Water is the best refreshing drink, so drink up to 8 glasses or more.

 2.    Get enough sleep.  Sleeping is the best relaxation that your body need and what’s more appealing is the fact that sleep is FREE. It not only prevents early aging, it also prevents the brain from discharging hormones that can properly lubricate dermis tissues and cells.

 3.    Fatty foods are a big NO. Though oily skin may be helpful at some point, too much can have an opposite effect. Do not remove the excess oils using strong cleaning agents. It will do more harm than good,

Pure honey is a great rehydrating ingredient. It is a natural moisturizer that cleanse deep into your skin.