In a long distance relationship there is a need to establish ground rules that will help both partners feel secure and stable in the relationship. Trying to be in a relationship with someone that does not live in your geographical area is difficult because you don't have the ability to see the person on a day to day basis. You do not have the ability to interact with them in person and to be a part of their daily life. Trust plays a huge role and establishing ground rules will help to ensure that both partners are able to trust in their partner and make a good relationship. Here is some quality long distance relationship advice on when and how to set ground rules that will hopefully allow your relationship to flourish.

Things You Will Need

A long distance love
An open mind to relationship advice

Step 1

Establishing ground rules in a long distance relationship is going to be something you will want to do at the onset of your relationship. By establishing rules at the beginning of the relationship you will both know what the other person's expectations are for you and the relationship

Step 2

One of the main rules to establish is the level of commitment. You both have to agree on this. You will want to discuss whether you can see other people or if this is going to be a monogamous relationship If you do agree on an open relationship then you will also need to discuss the ground rules of those other relationships. There has to be a clear line tat can't be crossed.

Step 3

In a long distance relationship communication is very important. You don't get to see each other or be physically with each other so you have communicate often. Setting up ground rules about communication will be very helpful to your relationship. You should discuss how often to communicate, the methods of communication and set up a schedule for communication. Discuss the different ways you may want to communicate. Today you can use the telephone, instant messaging, email and many other options thanks to technology. If you lose the communication then your relationship will suffer, so it is important that this is a major focus of your relationship

Step 4

Related to communication is visiting each other. You will want to try to have regular visits with your long distance love. This is an area that could be a challenge, but you both need to commit to visits. You should discuss how to handle things is there is an issue and someone will miss a scheduled visit. You don't want anyone to end up with hard feelings if a visit needs to be rescheduled.

Being in a long distance relationship is not something that everyone can handle. It requires a huge amount of trust in the other person and an ability to communicate completely with each other. You can't hide feelings or lie in a long distance relationship If you do then things won't work out. By setting ground rules you will be able to establish some good guidelines for your relationship and give your long distance love a real chance at success.

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