A good employer-employee relation is vital in establishing and maintaining a business. It thus helps in avoiding disputes which is one of the reasons why businesses collapse.

Yet, good relationship is not easily established. It needs reciprocal or mutual treatment between the employer and employees. The manner, behavior and respect they give to each other create rapport amongst them.

Generally, businesses have employer-employee agreement that has sets of guidelines and rules that they must follow. Such agreement states their responsibilities and obligations, as well as their rights and limitations.

Performing duties well and willfully acting each part will create a connection between the two. Hence, strong relationship is formed, which is definitely important in building and strengthening the business.

A Winning Relationship

As said, a good relationship amid employer and employees is important in business. To be able to do so, following are tips that would help:

Respect Each Other

It's a fact that the employer is superior to his employees. They are the boss so they are worth the respect and obedience. However, this doesn't mean that the employer has the full right to dictate his employees or treat them unfairly. It would more likely boost employees to disrespect him.

At least some time, it is healthy for a relationship to treat each other mutually. It can be when you are not at work already. But while at work, you must give respect to each other.

Fair Treatment and Avoid Discrimination

According to the Federal Law, it is unlawful to discriminate an employee based on his race, religion, color, age, sex or national origin. It is because, discrimination sometimes happen in the workplace. Due to the said aspects, many are being deprived from promotion, job training and some benefits. Also, because of discrimination, there are employees who are being demoted or terminated from work.

To achieve a better relationship, an employer must avoid discriminating his employees and he must treat them fairly and equally. Employees as well should be aware that discrimination of co-employees should not be practiced because it is against the law.

Have fun at work but know the limitations

It is also important that both of you enjoy each company while having fun at work. Having fun doesn't mean joking around or teasing your employer or fellow employees. It is simply enjoying what you're doing.

The employer must explain what true fun or having fun at work really means, and then state the limitations. If practiced, true fun will be helpful in increasing employees' morale and productivity.

Good Communication

You have the agreement already. But it doesn't end there. Communication is very important in a relationship, and good communication is effective in order to settle things and talk about the issues and concerns of each other.

At least once or twice a month, employer and employees must have a meeting. Sharing of plans, giving ideas, suggestions and opinions from employees, and talking about certain matters are very necessary. Additionally, good communication also helps to immediately settle disputes.

Good employer-employee relations are not easily established when only one acts the part. Since the relationship concerns both of them, the employer and employee must contribute and do their part to be able to create the winning employer-employee relationship they desire. Once a good relationship is achieved, a winning business is also built.