Golden retrievers are the absolute best dogs to own. If you are looking for a puppy that is loyal, energetic, and great with kids then you should definitely look into purchasing a Golden Retriever. I own a Golden Retriever and I will never buy another breed of dog. When selecting any dog, and especially Golden Retrievers, it is crucial that you select a reputable breeder. Because of the health conditions that Golden retrievers are prone to, you must find a high quality breeder so your puppy can enjoy a life of pain free joy!

golden retriever puppies

Things You Will Need

An internet and phone connection are all you will need to find a good breeder. Your search has become a lot more simple than it used to be!

Step 1

Getting a list of breeders in your area.

Before you can begin to evaluate golden retriever breeders you must find the breeders you are going to evaluate. A simple Google search will give you hundreds of results. For a much more targeted approach you should use the search function provided by the American Kennel Association or AKC. Once of the big qualification for evaluating your breeder is whether or not they are a member of the American Kennel Association. If you search for your breeders among American Kennel Club members you will cut out a step for yourself!

Step 2

Check reviews of the breeder.

A good reference will go a long way in evaluating a potential breeder. You should look mainly at reviews that pertain the the termperment of the dogs and the health conditions of the dogs. Negative feedback on either of those areas should disqualify a breeder unless the breeder has made a response to the review or corrected the problem.

Step 3

Perform a site visit to inspect the breeder's facilities.

Once you have narrowed down your list to a final few candidates you will want to go visit the breeding site on location. You will want to inspect their facilites for cleanliness, safety, and health of the dogs. Big red flags will be unsanitary conditions, lack of food and water for the dogs, improper heating and cooling for the dogs, and malnutrition. If you see any of these signs you will want to remove that breeder from your list.

Step 4

Check the breeder's credentials.

Hopefully by this time you have narrowed down your selection to 1 or 2 breeders. You should now do a quick online search and make sure that they are registered with the American Kennel Club and then check on their standing with the Better Business Bureau.

If more than one breeder passes all of these tests then you should go with the one that seemed to be the friendliest. You will be purchasing a precious gift from your breeder and you want to make sure that the will care for your Golden retriever puppy as well as you will before you are able to pick it up.

Tips & Warnings

Remember that a breeder must pass the "smell" test. If at any time during your evaluation process you feel that something is wrong, then trust your judgment.