Exercise Helps with Weight LossEveryone wants to be healthy and maintain a good weight. Belonging to a gym and using your membership on a regular basis is one way to accomplish these goals. Purchasing exercise equipment to use at home is another good way to reach your desired fitness goals. This can be very expensive and take up an enormous amount of room in a small apartment. There are alternatives to these solutions. There is exercise equipment all around you if you look carefully.

Things You Will Need

Plastic bottles
Jump rope

Step 1

Using a step aerobic procedure can be beneficial to your hips and thighs.
You don't need special step equipment, use the steps in your house. Stand at the bottom of your steps with your feet apart and step up with one foot and then the next. Step down to your starting place, one foot then the next, change the starting foot after 20 times and do 20 more.

Step 2

Take a walk. Walking around the block or through the park is excellent cardiovascular exercise,good for your heart and your circulation. If the weather is bad try walking around the mall early in the day, its great exercise and doesn't take up the room at home like a treadmill.

Step 3

Jump up during a commercial and do some jumping jacks! This is a great way to get rid of some calories and is also a good cardiovascular workout. Jumping jacks get your heart rate up and the blood pumping.

Step 4

Do some light weight lifting. You don't need to buy any weights, just use two empty plastic bottles, milk or soda bottles will do. To begin lifting fill the bottles part way with water or sand work up to more weight as you gain strength.

Step 5

Dance to the music! Put on your favorite music and start dancing. Not only is it good for your heart but it lifts your spirits after a rough day. Great cardio exercise too.

Step 6

Jump rope. If you don't have a jump rope use some old clothesline and get jumping. This will tone your leg muscles and burn those calories. Just ten minutes a day will give you some good benefits.
These steps take very little time out of your busy day and can make a tremendous difference to your health and well being. Not to mention keeping your weight down! Give it a try, it's free and easy.

Tips & Warnings

Always check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program.