One of the most anxiety ridden complaints interviewees have is explaining how they got fired from a previous position. No matter how you say it, it sounds the same. You worked for a company or business and they let you go for one reason or another. How you rationalize it to your next hiring manager could make an enormous difference in whether they feel you are the right person for the job.

When you are sitting in front of this person during the interview and need to describe how it happened or justify the reasons behind the situation, there are more than a few tips to make it come off in a positive light.

You are not alone

There are a number of people searching for their next job with the same circumstances surrounding them. This is a huge misunderstanding many job seekers make. You are not the only person ever fired. Do not feel you are by yourself.

Interviewers realize this happens. Sometimes it is your fault and other times it is not. Remember you are not alone, take a deep breath and get ready to dive in.

Avoid the emotions

Everyone who has ever been fired feels some sort of emotion. Lots of people have a negative connotation to the state of affairs which they need to drop from the present situation. Before you sit down and expound on your experience, avoid the emotions tied to it.

Make it a positive

Making this negative situation into a positive play is not a simple task. However, it has to be done. This means gaining some insight or knowledge from being let go by a previous employer.

Being in the wrong position or with the wrong business happens. Though, in lots of conditions it is the employee that is partly at fault for the firing. In other words, the employer had some justification in letting you go. When this happens, share you have learned from your past encounters and move forward.

Get a new outlook on your present state of affairs. You are ready to give your efforts to the opportunity you will receive. Let them know you will give 100 percent of your all to the new company.

Do not linger on it

Keep it short and sweet. This means explain it and move on. Do not come back to it and never linger on it during your interview. Make it simple and clarify any questions they have with short answers. Stay away from sounding snippy or curt. Be courteous, but do not dawdle.

In conclusion

Finding a job is never a picnic. It is hard work and if you are fired from any job it is even more difficult. You will need to illuminate this particular space on a résumé and these tips will make it happen in a more positive light with your current job interview.

Do not feel like you are alone. Lots of people are fired from jobs for one reason or another. How you handle it is more important than anything else.