Taking advantage of the Warm Front Scheme is a great way to winter proof your home and therefore save money on your winter energy bills. A lot of older people would certainly benefit from the help this scheme could offer.

Making sure your parents know all about how the Warm Front Scheme works in simple terms can really be an advantage to them over the winter months.  

In very basic terms, the Warm Front Scheme is a grant offered towards the cost of insulating your home or putting in new or replacement central heating systems that are more energy efficient.

If a home has an old boiler it is probably not working as effectively as it once was, then it is wasting a lot of energy each time it is used. The Home Front Scheme can solve that problem.

How Much Can You Get?

The Home Front Scheme offers grants up to £3,500.00 to all those eligible to cover the cost of the home improvements.  Both the person making the application and the building itself have to qualify under the scheme before the application will be approved.

In order for the house to be approved an inspector will assess the home to ensure that he home does in fact need the work doing. This means the inspector will check for cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and will also check the current central heating system. Those homes that do not have central heating presently could also qualify for a brand new heating system.

In order for the home owner to be eligible they have to be in receipt of certain benefits. Contacting the Home Front Scheme directly is a good idea if you are unsure as to whether the benefits you receive make you a possible candidate to take part in the scheme.

The home must belong to the applicant, or if the occupier is a tenant, they must have permission from the landlord before the application is submitted.


The applicant, once approved for the scheme will not receive the money. Carillion, who are running the Warm Front Scheme use only approved contractors to carry out the works necessary and they are paid directly by the Government when the work is complete. Sometimes the cost of the necessary work exceeds the grant allowed. The applicant can still decide to go ahead with the work and make up the difference from their own pocket.


When you are explaining the scheme to your parents you must make it clear that being in receipt of benefits does not automatically mean that they are eligible. They are also not allowed to arrange for their own workmen to come in and do the jobs necessary. They will not receive the money themselves, so if they did call in their own contractors they would be liable for the full cost of the work themselves.

. . . . .

After the work is completed, your parents will find their home is much warmer. The loft will be properly insulated meaning no excess of heat loss through the roof, where 50% of the heat in any home is generally lost when there is insufficient insulation.

Cavity wall insulation also means that heat is not lost through the bricks and mortar to the outside. As the home is now able to hold its own heat better there will be less need to use the central heating. Thermostats can be set lower when the heating is in use and the temperature throughout their home will fluctuate less and be more comfortable for them.