How to Explain 2012 to Your Children.

How many questions do children ask in any 24 hours? Mothers can definitely relate to the unending list of questions. Mommy, are we all going to die in the year 2012? You might find it hard to explain 2012 to your children but you should be prepare for such questions

If your child is worried about the year 2012, you need to take advantage of the situation. That is to say, you can tell him that mommy and daddy will not die only disobedient children will die in the year 2012. Does that sound cruel? Yes it is cruel and disobedient children do evil things to their parents too. If your child is gullible enough, he or she might start behaving better. The only problem you will have is finding another lie to tell after the year 2012. Children do remember and they will probably make you pay for your deception. If you don't know what to say, at least don't lie.

Children come in all shapes, sizes, colors and with different mental strength. Are children worried about the end of the world? Can the fear of the year 2012 cause psychosis in Children?

Children are easily disturbed by what most parents will consider insignificant. Some children don't think too much about the end of the world in 2012, they are too busy playing with their computer games to be concerned. Other children are more sensitive. In order to prevent long lasting psychosis, parents need to explain to their children that the end of the world has been predicted for so many years even before your child was born. You need to make sure your child understands that films about the year 2012 are just producer's imagination and nothing will happen in the year 2012.

How many times have you cried when watching a film? At times people get nightmares after watching certain genre of films. Should you stop your children from watching movies about the end of the world like 2012?

As a parent, you need to decide what is best for your children. If you feel that your child cannot handle certain movies, the best thing to do is not to let him watch it. Your child might be better of watching Shrek or Sesame Street. Films and television have been known to have an impacted on child's development. There is no need to let your child live in fear of the end of the world like the year 2012. It is you duty to protect and educate your children. You might also want to pay special attention to the type of internet website your child visits.