These days tanning lotions are getting better and better. They are less greasy and less heavy on the skin, and actually offer a natural looking colour. The active ingredient in self-tanners is dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which interacts with the proteins in the epidermis and temporarily darkens the skin. Self-tanners are available in many forms, such as lotions, gels, mousses and sprays. Many tanners deposit a temporary colour on the skin so you know if you have missed any spots. Spray tanners are handy for those hard to reach spots, but you can use any type of tanner which you find the easiest to use. Apply self-tanner smoothly and evenly and use a shade suited to your skin tone and for oily or acne prone skin, choose gels or oil-free formulas.

fake it using self-tannerIf it is possible apply fake tan before going to bed and leave it overnight, or apply it when you plan on having a lazy day at home. Despite the improved quality, fake tan can still have a slight unpleasant smell to it and can sometimes rub on clothing. Try not to wash your hands too frequently or wipe your face frequently after applying self-tanner as you may end up with pale hands and a pale ring around your mouth.

If you want a perfect bronze tan without damaging your skin then here is a guide on how to fake it using a self-tanner.




Step 1

Exfoliate your skin by using either an exfoliating mitt or a body scrub in the shower. Make sure you pay extra attention to drier areas such as knees, elbows and feet as they can tend to absorb more of the tanning agent.

Step 2

Wash your body thoroughly and rinse yourself well. Make sure there is no soapy residue or toner left on your skin, as these can react to the tanning agent and your tan could end up looking orange or green.

Step 3

Applying you favourite tanning product evenly and rub in well. Be very careful and pay a lot of attention to areas you are applying your tan, as the colour can turn out looking splotchy and streaky if it is not applied evenly.

Step 4

You don’t need to use separate products for the face and body. You can just dilute the self-tanner with a fragrance-free moisturizer and use it on your face, ears and around your hair line. Do this trick on your elbows and knees.

Step 5

Avoid having brown palms by wash your hands straight away. For best results you will need to wait at least three hours before showering. If you wash it off too soon you may end up washing some of the tan off. If you find your palms still have tanner on them you can apply a coat of whitening toothpaste on them for several minutes, then wash off, this will remove all traces of the discolouration. If you find you have tanner on your fingernails and toe nails, try removing it using nail polish remover.

To keep you tan lasting long avoid scrubbing your skin and keep your skin moisturized using a fragrance-free moisturizer.