Are you having trouble sleeping or falling asleep fast? If your answer is yes, you are not alone. One-third of the country's population will suffer with a sleep disorder at sometime or another. There are many causes that can be associated of not getting a good night sleep, and the number one cause is emotional distress. Sleep trouble can consist of having different experiences such as, nightmares, insomnia, restlessness, not getting comfortable, and waking many times throughout the night. Having trouble sleeping is a problem that can effect any age group young or old.

Trouble sleeping, can also affect your overall health. Lack of sleep can exaggerate and make any stressful occurrences, even larger. It can cause us to be agitated and we tend to lash out at people we love or work with. It can cause anxiety, depression, and even cause major problems, such as cancer, diabetes, heart attack and other ailments. Worrying about how to fall asleep just adds more stress to a bad situation. Usually, not getting enough sleep means you'll be tired the next day. If you need to drive this could be dangerous. Your quest to find a way to fall asleep will end up doubling as a quest to stay awake and you may have to use a Stay Awake Device or similar device while driving to work.

Taking care of our health is very important and if you are having trouble sleeping, it needs to be attended to, not just for our emotional state, but also for prevention of major ailments and diseases occurring. If you have made your surroundings before bedtime, a peaceful environment, and still the problem persists, you need help to get the relief you need, for a good night's sleep.

Many people seek a solution for how to fall asleep fast. This is because, the longer it takes you to fall asleep, the more time you have to think about all the things that are stressing you and consequently it takes you even longer to fall asleep. It becomes a vicious cycle. Finding a solution for how to fall asleep quickly will give you some relief from the vicious cycle you are fighting. Short term use of sleep aids can be helpful.

The vicious cycle goes something like this - you have anxiety when you go to sleep because of the fear that you won't sleep. The more nights that you don't fall asleep, the more anxiety you have. This cycle can go on and on unless you find a solution. If you have to be up for work or school the next day the anxiety can be overwhelming. The more you don't sleep, the more emotional and physical ailments you will suffer. Additionally, the more you don't sleep at night the more tired you'll be during the day causing you to seek ways of how to stay awake.

There are some thing you can try that may help. Exercise is a good for your body and also tires you out. Exercise several times a week reduces stress that is built up inside, which can cause with trouble sleeping. When I'm having trouble sleeping, a warm bath before bedtime is a way to relax and unwind. Adding a little lavender essential oil to the bathwater will sooth and calm the mind. Camomile or Sleepy Time tea is something that works at calming the mind and body before going to sleep.