Nowadays, the world has been slaved by electronics and innovations where the time passes by before we know it. As new industries arise, more work has to be done and mankind was force to overlook the things that should be more prioritize as it is vital to our needs. One of these is sleeping.

Many after a hard day work have trouble in sleeping, some might say that they have sleeping disorders or there are just too many things that are going on their mind. The good news is there are ways how to fall into deep sleep:

First, one must know that there are two main types of sleep. The Non-REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep that consists of four types of sleep, each one is deeper than the previous and the REM sleep is when you dream, eyes usually moves back and forth that’s why it is named after it. Here are the stages:

NREM sleep:

Stage 1 (Transition to sleep): The stage where last within five minutes masculinity slows down but easily awakened.

Stage 2 (Light Sleep): The first stages of true deep sleep wherein the heart rate slows downs, body temperature cools, and eye movement stops.

Stage 3 (Deep Sleep): The stage where a person is difficult to awaken. And if awakened, feels groggy and disoriented for several minutes.

Stage 4 (More Intense Deep Sleep): The deepest stage of sleep where bloods flow away from the brain and through the muscles. This is the stage where restoration takes place.

REM sleep:

This type of sleeping occurs approximately 70-90 minutes after sleeping. Eyes move, breathing is shallow, and blood and heart rate increases. Arms and legs are usually paralyzed.

Second, one must understand what the benefits of deep sleep are. Always remember that the quality of sleep affects the quality of one’s waking life. All daytime activities, that includes productivity, mental sharpness, emotional balance, reflexes, and especially one’s health, with so little efforts and so much benefits no other activity delivers this.

Third, one must be aware what hinders a person from having a deep sleep. Struggling for hours and no matter how hard you try you end up lying awake? Or waking in the middle of the night and stayed awake all night long?

These are just some symptoms of what most of the people experience from time to time and its frustrating going to work or school looking exhausted because of not having a good night sleep.

Falling into deep sleep can really be rewarding, especially if you have spent a lot of energy all throughout the day. So why not reward yourself by getting better sleep?