Fax Free OnlineCredit: Robert BrookEvery once in a while most people find themselves needing to send a fax. Nobody wants to get a fax machine for faxes you only have to send once or twice a year. Going out to find somewhere you can actually still send a fax is also a chore most people aren't interested in. Plus when you find a place to send your fax you still have to pay to use their services. No one likes parting with cash they don't have to; I'm sure you don't either.

Where to Fax Free Online

Well, not to worry, Faxzero has you covered when you need to send off the occasional fax, its free, and even better there's no sign up required to use the service.


Faxzero is one the best services around to fill that void for the once-in-awhile fax. There are many sites that offer free faxing options. Many free faxing services, such as Popfax, require you to sign up, and only allow you to send faxes for a trail period, after which you're left paying.

Faxzero offers two options on their website. The first option is free and requires no sign up, and the second cost $1.99 per fax and has no sign up requirement either.


Faxzero's free option limits the number of free faxes to only two faxes per day, which is perfectly fine for most people who only need to send a fax every once in a while.

There is also a limit of three pages when you fax free online with Faxzero. This, again, is usually ok for the occasional user. However if you do needed to send more pages, say up to six , you could always split the fax into two separate faxes and keep things free.

How's it Free

Here's the catch, although it's not a big one, on the cover page of each fax Faxzero places an advertisement which offsets their cost of offering the service for free. Advertising isn't a big deal to a lot of people, but anyone wanting to send business faxes may want to steer clear of Faxzero's free option to keep things looking professional.

What You Can Fax

You are able to upload three files that will make up your three page limit. Faxzero does limit you to only uploading .doc, .docx, and .pdf file formats or you can simple enter whatever text you want into an input field. If you find yourself needing to fax an image, such as a scanned document, it is easy to simple paste the image into a word document, and then fax the resulting word file.

Ad Free Option

Faxzero's paid service is $1.99 per fax, paid via Paypal. You get a lot more with a paid fax. The page limit increases to 15 pages, has priority delivery over free faxes, and has no ad displayed on the cover page.

 Final Thoughts

Faxzero is a tool most people don't ever think about needing, but when you do need its nice to have such a convenient option.  If you need to send a fax free fast Faxzero is a great option for getting the job done.