Menopause and Weight Gain

YMenopause Weight Gain(77095)ou can look anywhere on the internet and find a huge list of menopause symptoms, some you probably never even thought of.
Some women are lucky enough to get through this stage without a scratch, and others get life changing symptoms, while many are somewhere in the middle with annoying symptoms, like menopause weight gain.
Weight gain at menopause, tends to show up around your belly and it can be hard to deal with. I have friends who were slim all their life, that are suddenly sporting a pot belly and an extra 20 pounds at this stage in our lives, But what do we do about it?
First of all, unless you are an athlete in constant training, then you are going to have to admit to yourself, that your level of activity, is not quite what it once was, and maybe you have been having a few extra snacks here and there, and with your slowing metabolism you need to do some adjustments..Menopause and Weight GainCredit:


Here are a few tips to make those adjustments and fight menopause weight gain, and get back that waistline:
A pound is equal to 3500 hundred calories, in order to lose a pound you need to take in less calories, or burn them off with exercise, or a combination of both.
If this conjures up visions of dry rice crackers for the rest of your life.. relax!. The best way, I found, was to tweak your diet rather than cut all your fun stuff out. I personally love food, and have never done well with fad diets.. but this way worked for me, I managed to drop over 25 pounds with this method, and I have no will power!. You read all about those diets that promise 10 pounds a week off, but the best, and most realistic way, to get rid of this menopause weight gain, and keep it off, is gradually.
Take your most routine days, and write down everything you eat. We tend to eat the same things during the week and usually around the same time out of habit. At menopause, we do not need the same amount of calories, unless we are an athlete, so what you have been eating for years, and got away with, may start to show now around your middle with menopause weight gain!
Now that you have your list of all foods (including cookies, junk food, drinks and treats) look at different brands when you do your groceries. If you bring a sandwich to work, take a look at different brands of bread and see if you can save 20 or 30 calories over two slices of bread. If you use mayo, could you switch it up to mustard which has very few calories. Do you put cheese on your sandwich? Change to different brand and check the label. It doesn't have to be tasteless diet products, just different brands. Thirty calories here and there over the course of a day can add up.Menopause WeightCredit:
Find approximately 250 calories in your day that you can cut out without totally upsetting your routines, and you will automatically lose one pound in 2 weeks. If you add in a walk after work, such as walking your dog, then you can lose it quicker.
I personally found the trick was to take the extra time at the grocery store in the beginning of this plan, and really look at the labels. You don't have to resort to "diet/low fat brands" just read the labels. You can still have your cookies or candies, just try some with less calories. You may think 30 calories doesn't add up to much but over the course of the day, including soda's etc, you can save a significant amount of calories without feeling deprived.
Did you know just a swipe of mayo that covers one slice of bread is approx. 100 calories?
In my case, cheese was a big factor with my menopause weight gain. I changed brands and saved 150 calories and cut out the mayo in exchange for mustard and saved 250 calories right there without even touching the rest of my day..
Friends and family may make fun of this plan, as being too slow, but at the end of the year I had lost 27 pounds without any effort, and still eating cookies, whereas my friends who were all about fad diets, lost and gained their weight back, while I steadily lost, now they are trying my routine.
You don't have to accept weight gain as a menopause symptom that can't be dealt with. You can take charge of this, and win the battle, and feel great.
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