My husband was diagnosed with Stage 2 Multiple Myeloma Bone Cancer on December 19, 2009; it was a very stressful time of the year for our family. He ended up in the hospital for 10 days fighting for his life. The stage 2 multiple myeloma bone cancer had caused the calcium in his bones to be stripped from his bones and dumped into his blood stream then eventually dumping mass quantities of calcium into his kidneys. When this happens the kidneys become over stressed from trying to filter out the calcium and it can cause kidneys failure, because of over-working his kidneys. A substance called Creatine is what caused his kidneys to only function at 17% which stresses out the rest of the body organs. The emergency room doctors have to inject drugs into his IV'S to stop the calcium from being stripped from his bones and it has to be immediate or his kidneys will fail all together. The next terrible thing that happened is he got pneumonia, his lungs had filled 80% with fluid, and breathing was becoming a hardship for him. He had to be put on a breathing machine; it would help him get oxygen to his heart and lungs.

What is Stage 2 Multiple Myeloma Cancer?

Short Version of Multiple Myeloma Bone Cancer: Stage 2 Multiple Myeloma Bone Cancer is where plasma cells help the body's immune system fight disease by producing substances called antibodies. In Multiple Myeloma Bone Cancer, plasma cells grow out of control and form tumors in the bone marrow. Complications caused from Stage 2 Multiple Myeloma Bone Cancer can be kidney failure is a frequent complication. Other complications may include bone fractures, increased chances for infection are high (especially pneumonia).

From Stage 2 Multiple Myeloma to Fighting for His Life:

Little did my husband know that he had Stage 2 Multiple Myeloma Bone Cancer? And this nightmare started while my husband was playing golf in July, 2009 and taking a swing at his golf ball, he swung real hard at his tee ball and he felt something pop in his sternum area and he had fractured the bones in his sternum area, then he had a fall and shattered his collar bone in the first part of December, 2009. He had gone to his regular medical doctor, who had overlooked the whole situation on first visit, and he continued trying to tell his regular doctor that it was more than a lump on his chest. This went on for 3 months, all the while this stage 2 multiple myeloma cancer kept on growing on his chest. We finally went to a Sport Physical Therapist, who immediately set up a CAT scan and blood test, which produced the results that he had Stage 2 Multiple Myeloma Bone Cancer. At that point in time my sweetheart complained of his ribcage area was causing him great pain, and that his kidneys were creating a painful ache in his backside, and he complained of having to pee all night long. As you can see Stage 2 Multiple Myeloma Bone Cancer can be life threatening if you don't get the attention needed at the time it happens, most of the time it is over looked. So if you know that you're not feeling well and you have these types of symptoms, please get a second opinion, especially if your regular doctor is not giving you the benefit of the doubt.

Treating Stage 2 Multiple Myeloma Bone Cancer

When my sweetheart was finally stable enough to come home, our next step was the treatment he would receive to kill the stage 2 multiple myeloma bone cancer, this cancer had consumed 80% of his body and he was very weak, and he slept for days, it was hard to get him to eat. We had to set up radiation and chemo therapy for combating the stage 2 multiple myeloma bone cancer, it was 20 Radiation treatments, 20 Chemo treatments, 2 Test for Bone Marrow and taking some of the most deadliest drugs if a normal person took them. The test for bone marrow is where they extract bone marrow from soft tissue in the hip area. This a day trip to the hospital. One of the side effects from these cancer treatments is neuropathy, neuropathy is damage to nerves of the peripheral nervous system, which may be caused either by diseases of the nerve or from the side-effects of systemic illness like stage 2 multiple myeloma bone cancer.

After his stage 2 multiple myeloma bone cancer treatments, the cancer specialist was finally able to get the cancer down to 2%, 3 months has passed and now the stage 2 multiple myeloma bone cancer is coming back. His numbers for cancer cells looks like this at the 2% level his numbers were 425, now they are 2475, so you can see the increase is not good. That means cancer cells are multiplying again. Se we have a choice more cancer treatments, or try alternative cancer treatment.

We have chosen to try Alternative Cancer Treatment, healing cancer naturally:

We believe the description below best describes:

From Healing Cancer Naturally:

"We believe that very generally speaking, health comes from "natural" [holistic] living, which means healthy expression of feelings, wholesome nutrition and clean, harmonious and loving inner and outer surroundings, in short, living as close to untampered-with nature as possible - while carefully avoiding natural and man-made toxins. Health, even when compromised by cancer, can be restored and healing can be achieved - as evidenced by many cancer victors - as one works at reestablishing these conditions to the best of one's ability, cleans, heals, harmonizes and balances one's body, emotions, mind, spirit and environment and applies those remedies that honor the first injunction to all working in the healing field"

We started the Alternative Cancer Treatment 4 weeks ago, my sweetheart will go in for his first blood test since he has started this treatment for his stage 2 multiple myeloma bone cancer. We are very curious as to what the results will show us from his blood test. So stay with us and cheer us on!