Are you at work? Is it 2 p.m.? Would you give a kidney for a nap? Instead of fighting off the post lunch food coma with caffeine, how about we just kick it in the gut before it rears its ugly head. The post lunch food coma comes from a drop in blood sugar after your body has finished the initial digestion of your greasy super mega gigantor burger. They taste so good even if each one takes a week off of your life. This is not an article that is going to tell you to become a vegan, or that all you can have for lunch is a rice cake with yogurt smeared on it to break up the tastelessness. Rather I am going to describe how to actually avoid the 2 p.m. wall.

Step number one. No matter what you are eating don’t eat so darn much. Instead of getting the mega sized combo cut back to the regular and get a diet soda. If you don’t try and stretch out your stomach you blood sugar crash will be much smaller.

After lunch move around the office if possible. If there isn’t much in terms of space or ability to walk around the office, go annoy a coworker. Interaction with other people will help to battle through the droopy eyes. Try and schedule conference calls in the afternoon. The more brain power required to do a task the less tired you will be.

Whatever you do try and avoid meetings that involve dark rooms, or where your aren’t presenting. This is the nail in the coffin if you are trying to avoid snoring in front of all of your coworkers.

Another neat trick is to eat lunch later in the day. If you can push back the wall by an hour or two you will be way more productive for a greater portion of the day.

The next tip cannot be tackled by everyone and is not for the faint of heart. The number one tip to avoiding the after lunch food coma is to eat a salad. Yes I said eat a salad. I don’t know why, but eating a salad even if you drench it in dressing gives me less of a drowsy feeling than eating something from a fast food restaurant.

Long story short, the only way to avoid the 2 p.m. wall of doom is to cut down on calories at lunch, be more active in the office in the afternoon, or eat lunch at a later time to push back the coma as long as possible.