Depression is more commonly know about and understood in today’s medical world.  This means that there are more tablets on the market that can be prescribed by your doctor to help combat it. For many they walk around for years knowing that they feel weighed down by the world, have complex emotions, are constantly stressed and are always plagued with exhaustion but refused to admit they are depressed. Learning to fight depression is easier once you have taken the first and hardest step, admitting you have it; then the rest will fall into place.

In order to fight depression you firstly need to understand exactly what depression is so that you understand what it is all about and why you feel the way you do. It all comes down to chemical reactions in the brain that allows stress, anxiety, exhaustion, advanced emotions and negative thinking. All of these combined create depression and in some people when combined with anxiety can cause in the long term, manic depression and/or clinical depression. Stress is a body response to all of the things in your life that are causing you to feel bad about yourself or your situation and in order to fight you need to think about a few things;

  • Understanding: Understanding what causes depression is one of the most important ways of understanding how to fight it. Everyone is different and what causes your anxiety, emotions and exhaustion is personal to you and is different to how other people cope or feel, so you need to sit down and work out your triggers.  What is it that causes you to begin feeling like this?  What situations cause you to feel like you are going off the deep end?  When you work this out you can then begin preparing yourself for them.
  • Get More Sleep – Research has found that by ensuring you get the golden seven hours of sleep a day you are more likely to be able to cope with what the day “throws” at you.  Relaxing is paramount to you combating what you eat. and fighting depression.  If you cannot wind down at the end of the day then it is time to learn some relaxation techniques with one of the quickest being to close your eyes when you are trying to sleep and thinking, concentrating on the best memories that you have that have taken place at any time in your life and thinking about them intensely this will help you drift off and get your seven hours of sleep.
  • Healthy Body, Healthy Mind – It sounds cliché, but you literally are what you eat.  Try changing your diet so that it includes more fruit and vegetables.  These high in fiber, low in fat food items will cleanse out your system reducing exhaustion, anxiety, over indulgent emotions, stress and depression; they contain feel good factors in them allowing you to feel good just by eating them!  A true power sauce!
  • Take Time Out – By taking time out for yourself you will find that your overall mood will improve helping you to fight depression. Go to the hairdressers, a nail salon, go shopping and even take the time to spend time with just your family or personal time with your friends. All of these will allow your mind to release the feel good hormones to help you fight depression at its own game!