Are you dissatisfied with service or a product you paid for? For some people, confrontation is difficult. Instead of ignoring the problem or lashing out, there are steps you can take to persuade people to resolve the problem.   So if you'd like to learn how to file a complaint, read on.

Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
• A cool head


Talk to the person who is most directly involved with your dissatisfaction. For example, if a cashier made a mistake, ask them "is this right?" This opens the door to a conversation in a non-threatening way. They might apologize and rectify the problem right away. 
Talk to their boss. If the person involved is either unable or unwilling to fix the problem, ask to speak to their manager. If they tell you "they're not here right now," take out a pen and paper and ask for their name, a phone number they can be reached, and the best time to contact them. The simple professional act of doing this usually makes a person try harder to solve your problem!

If they are in the wrong, they don't want their boss to know. However, if you do this in an aggressive or angry way instead of calmly, they will take it as a challenge and might think you are blowing off steam and trying to intimidate them. If they think this, they will either become more difficult with you, or resign themselves to the fact "oh well, I'm in trouble anyway" and give up on helping you. 
Follow through. If you did not get the help you needed in step 2, contact their boss. Similar to step 1, after you explain the situation, ask "is this right?" Again, it makes you appear non-threatening. If the person you are speaking with agrees you were wronged, offer a reasonable suggestion about what you would like to happen next. A good boss wants to restore your faith in his/her company, so as long as your request is reasonable, they will want to negotiate with you. 
Continue up the chain of command if need be. If the person you speak with in step 3 is also difficult or unable to help you, basically repeat step 2 and 3! Calmly ask this person who their boss is then follow up. 
Contact the Better Business Bureau (See their website in the resources section at the bottom). If no one has helped you, you have gone up the chain of command as far as you could, and you still feel you were wronged, let the person "at the top" know you feel you need to contact the Better Business Bureau. This agency is designed to protect consumers.

When you call the Better Business Bureau expect to be asked to file a written complaint with them and keep receipts if applicable. They might not be able to bring you compensation, but they may be able to keep a file on the company as conducting poor business. This file is publicized so other people can avoid the company and not run into the same problem with them.

More Tips:

•  Remember in each step to stay calm. Yelling makes you look bad, it doesn't make a person say, "You know what, you're so right, how can I help you?"
•  Seek legal advice if you suffered damages. Depending on the seriousness of the issue, you can always contact a lawyer. Normally this would be in an extreme situation where you suffered monetary loss.