Filipino citizens are entitled to apply for a Philippine passport. Filipino nationals who were naturalized citizens of foreign countries are not entitled to use or renew their Philippine passports unless they have reacquired their Philippine citizenship by taking the oath of allegiance to the Republic of the Philippines (Dual Citizens). They can be entitled to a Philippine passport based to the requirements of R.A. 8239 (The Philippine Passport Law).

A consular officer may require a Filipino applicant to present a valid document of foreign residency like a US Permanent Resident Card or driver's license to determine an applicant's citizenship. Renewing your Philippine Passport in the USA will not take long if you follow all the requirements and are prepared to submit the important documents.

The Philippine Consulate is receiving applications for the new Machine Readable Passport (MRP) beginning June 02, 2008 so they no longer issue the old "green" passport. You don't need to call for an appointment if you want to renew your Philippine passport.

Be sure to arrive at the Philippine Consulate during office hours from Monday-Friday, between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. You also need to observe the US and Philippine non-working holidays since they are close during these days.

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      Visit the official website of the Consulate General of the Philippines where you can see their Passport services. See the resources below for additional guidelines on requirements for issuance of Philippine passport. Print the Philippine passport application form and the guidelines. 

      You need to read the guidelines before filling-up the Philippine passport application form. The Philippine Consulate will only accept applications that are typed or printed legibly and completely.

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      Be prepared with the acceptable forms of identification. Bring your original documents like NSO certified birth certificate (if born in the Philippines) or report of birth (if born outside the Philippines), state ID or driver's license, marriage certificate or permanent resident card (green card) with 3 photo copies attached to each one. You also need to bring the accomplished passport application form, your most recent Philippine passport and 3 copies of the passport data page. 

      If you have a brown passport, submit 3 copies of the pages which show the important data and your picture. Since the brown passport only shows your middle initial, a copy of any valid identification (ID) which shows your whole middle name must be provided.

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      Check the necessary documents that you'll need if you have a dual citizenship. You can obtain a Philippine passport by presenting the original and submitting a copy of the accomplished passport application form, the Oath of Allegiance, Philippine passport or NSO certified birth certificate, 2 identical photos taken within the last six months of size 4.5 cm by 3.5 cm on a royal blue background and USPS express mail postage stamps. If you have minor children, you need to submit a report of birth and order of approval of Filipino parent indicating the child's name as derivative.

      A child born in the USA can obtain a Philippine Passport based after the 1973 Constitution which indicates that when one of the child's biological parents is still a Filipino citizen at the time of his or her birth, then he or she is a Filipino citizen under Philippine law. The child may also obtain a Philippine passport after one parent or both parents file a Report of Birth with an accomplished passport application form. 

      The documents that will be required are 3 original duly accomplished report of birth forms, an original and three photo copies of the child's birth certificate, data pages of the Filipino parent's Philippine passport and the parents' marriage certificate. Take note that for reports of birth filed more than 12 months after the child's birth, an original and two photo copies of notarized Affidavit of Delayed Registration must also be submitted. 

      The parents need to submit an accomplished passport application form and two passport size photos. Remember that at least one of the Filipino parents and the child must be present at the Consulate when filing the application. The current fee for filing a Report of Birth is $25.00, in addition to the current passport application fee.

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      Assemble the required documents for your marriage and your new surname. Provided that your marriage took place in the Philippines and want to have your new surname to be reflected in your new passport, you need to submit a duly accomplished passport application form. 

      You need to bring the original copy of your marriage certificate certified by NSO and 3 photo copies. In case that you had a previous marriage which ended as a result of a death of the previous husband, you need to bring the original copy of the death certificate of your deceased husband certified by NSO and three copies of this document. 

      Assuming that your previous marriage was annulled, you should take with you an annotated NSO-issued marriage certificate plus three photo copies. In case that you would like to use your married name in the passport and the marriage took place in the USA, you'll need to submit a Report of Marriage form with the passport application. This will reflect your married name on the new passport. 

      The requirements for filing the report are 3 original duly accomplished Report of Marriage forms. You also need to submit a certified copy of your marriage certificate and three photo copies of it, an NSO certified birth certificate of the female applicant plus three photo copies of this document or a certified copy of death certificate of previous husband or divorce papers and 3 photo copies (if it's applicable). 

      Applicants also need to present a photo identification of both husband and wife and the 3 clear photo copies. Just photo copy the two accepted IDs, for example both of your driver's licenses in one paper for submission. You will submit all these documents one by one when you are inside the Philippine Consulate's office. 

      A Philippine Consulate's personnel will guide and assist you along the way. It may only take a few minutes to submit all of them if your papers are well-prepared and there are only few applicants before you.

      Supposing that your previous marriage ended as a result of a divorce that you filed, then you cannot use your current married name for a Philippine passport because divorce is not recognized under Philippine law. Therefore, a new passport may only be issued under the name reflected in the current passport. In this case, the Consulate may instead issue a "Certificate of One and the Same Person" which will indicate both of the names used by the applicant and an explanation of why the new passport cannot reflect her current married name.

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      Attached your two identical photos by stapling them on the box within your accomplished passport application form. The photos should be taken within the last six months of size 4.5 cm by 3.5 cm on a royal blue background. 

      All passport applicants must submit two identical photos. Check the resources below for additional guidelines on new photo requirements for machine-readable Philippine passport so that your pictures will not be rejected.

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      Prepare the fees for the issuance of your passport. Their current fee for new passport or renewal of old passport is $50.00. Accepted forms of payment are cash, money order, cashier's check or bank draft made payable to the Philippine Consulate General. Personal checks, credit or debit cards are not accepted. 

      Take note that all fees made to the Consulate for a consular service are non-refundable. Their office will issue a corresponding receipt for all payments made. Fees may change so it's better to check the official website of the Consulate General of the Philippines on how much they charge for passport services.

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      Proceed physically to the nearest Philippine Consulate office in your area. Be sure to bring all the needed original documents including 3 copies of each and the USPS Express Mail Postage Stamps. An applicant must personally appear at the Consulate office, except for minors 8 years old and below and senior citizens 65 years old and above. 

      A communication fee of $10.00 is paid upon submission of the application for any applicant who will need it. The processing period of your passport will take up to six weeks since the approved applications are sent to a central processing facility in the Philippines.

           *This article has a second part entitled "How to File and Renew Your Philippine Passport in the USA - Part 2 Tips & Resources" which focuses more about tips, warnings as well as the important resources that you'll need once you start filing and renewing your Philippine Passport in the United States.