Filing and renewing your Philippine Passport in the US is easy once you have the necessary papers when you came to America. Passports (also known to some as travel permits) are issued by the Philippine Consulate have security features including the microchip technology in order to prevent fraud.

These travel permits also have a chip or integrated circuit within the pages of the documents with added data so that a person's identity will be correctly verified inlcuding other data such as biometrics, biographical information, as well as the right identification number and the digital signature. This is also popularly known as the ePassport and Filipinos living in the U.S. should maintain a current and valid travel permit in order for them to travel abroad. 

Tips & Warnings

  • Whenever you are concerned that there is an error in the data on your current travel permit, you can get it corrected by informing the Philippine Consulate's personnel on duty of the error, present your original NSO certified birth certificate and submit a copy with your travel permit application. 

    Supposing that the error is typographical, you need to present both current and previous passports as well as the necessary correction and it will be made free of charge, provided that, it is done within 6 months after its issuance date and it remains unused.

  • In case you lost it, you need to reapply in person for a replacement and should bring the accomplished passport application form, 2 acceptable IDs, copy of the data page (if available), original copy of NSO Certified Birth Certificate and 3 photo copies of it. 

    You also need to bring a Notarized Affidavit of Loss, which will include the date and place where it was lost and issued, circumstances on how it was lost and reason(s) for applying for a replacement. 

    A 15 day waiting period is required for clearance from the Department of Foreign Affairs before the replacement can be issued. After the waiting period has lapsed, the applicant should return to the Consulate and pay a fee of $90.00 for the issuance of the replacement. After it has been verified that indeed it was lost then a new one will be issued by the Consulate, then the Filipino applicant may receive a proper replacement.

  • The requirements for the "Certificate of One and the Same Person" are 2 photo copies of the divorce papers and 2 clear copies of identification cards showing the applicant's previous and current names. The current fee for filing a Report of Marriage is $25.00, in addition to its renewal or amendment fee.

  • Amendments apply only to when you want to change your surname due to marriage, annulment of marriage, divorce, or death of a spouse as well as the change of surname of a legitimated child by virtue of a subsequent marriage of parents. 

    The requirements for Amendment of Passport for a married woman are original and a copy of NSO issued Marriage certificate (if married in the Philippines) or Report of Marriage (if married abroad). 

    If you are a woman who is separated from your husband, you need to have a decree with the finality of annulment of marriage, divorce decree, or death certificate of deceased husband or an annotated NSO-issued marriage certificate, whichever is applicable.

  • The requirements for the Amendment for a legitimated child is a marriage certificate of parents, original birth certificate and an amended birth certificate of the legitimated child. 

    Take note that the Consular office personnel on duty would have to determine if any entry can be amended before accepting any application. The current fee for the Amendment is $20.00 or this may change so you need to visit the Philippine Consulate's official website.

  • Applications for amendments and reports of birth or marriage are the only ones accepted by mail. It will be accepted provided that all forms are fully accomplished and notarized including all the complete requirements attached to it.

  • Assuming that you already have your new passport or it was just recently issued, but you need to change one or more of the data entries, you can still get the entry corrected or changed depending on what may need to be changed or corrected. 

    You may only need to accomplish an Amendment form then present the original and copy of your NSO Certified Birth Certificate plus other supporting documents. In other cases, you may have to apply for a new one.

  • You can get an NSO Certified Birth Certificate by contacting the National Statistics Office at:

  • If you think that the National Statistics Office has the record on file, then you can order one from them online at:

  • In case that the applicant may have to file a Delayed Registration of Birth at the municipality or town in the Philippines where he or she was born, you can look for more information on how to file a Delayed Registration of Birth at:

  • You can also contact the passport section of the Consulate at (415) 433-6666 extension 315, 317 or 340, from Mondays to Fridays except on US and Philippine Holidays, between 9:00 am up until 5:00 pm if you have more questions. 

  • You may fax in your inquiries through (415) 421 2641 or send an e-mail to You need to be patient because sometimes it may take them some days to reply to your email inquiries.

  • Avoid going to the Philippine Consulate to renew your US passport because they only process and issue Philippine passports. You need to visit the local US passport agency or local US postal service office for more information on renewing or obtaining a new US travel permit authorization.

  • A Consular Officer might refuse to issue a travel permit to any Filipino citizen, restrict its use or withdraw or cancel it in connection to public safety, public health, and national security.

  • When you want to pay for your mailed-in applications, send your funds though money order, cashier's check or bank draft made payable to the Philippine Consulate General. Avoid sending a personal check or cash because these forms of payment are not accepted.

  • All applicants are advised to send their application papers through USPS Express mail. You need to provide a self-addressed return envelope with sufficient postage stamps for USPS Express mail next day delivery as well as for the return shipping.

  • The Philippine Consulate will not be responsible or liable for any documents lost or damaged in transit. They will also not pay for any charges for return shipping. 

     *Please take note that the Philippine Consulate recommends that you apply for a renewal at least 6 months before your travel permit will expire so that you will not experience delays. Your picture can be taken at the Philippine Consulate when you submit your paperwork.

     *As of May 2013, passport renewal fee is $60.00  

     *This article is the continuation of the one I've written on "How to File and Renew Your Philippine Passport in the USA - Part 1".