Getting laid off from your job can be a traumatic experience. Not only is it a blow to your ego, but it can also be a blow to you financially. Thankfully unemployment compensation exists to provide you with some money until you are able to find a new job. Each state has its own requirements for filing for unemployment, and this is what you need to know about how to file for unemployment in Alabama.

Things You Will Need

Social Security Number
Driver's License Number
Contact information for former employers
Bank account information

Step 1

Gather the documents and information the state of Alabama requires. This includes your social security number, your driver's license number and the contact information for all employers you've had in the last eighteen months. If you want your unemployment benefits automatically deposited in your bank account you need to have the bank name, routing number and checking account number with you when you file. In addition you need information for any out-of-state employment and military service that you've participated in during the previous two years.

Step 2

File your initial claim with the state of Alabama. Once you have the documents and information you need you can either file by phone or online. Call 866-234-5382 or log on to the website of the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations Unemployment Compensation Division at

Step 3

Use the phone or internet to file your weekly claim. Each week you must file a weekly claim for unemployment benefits in order to receive them. This too can be done by phone or online from Sunday through 5 p.m. on Friday. You may be prompted to enter information about the progress of your job search, so it's important to keep accurate records of where you send your resume and who you talk to.

Step 4

Look for work. In order to receive unemployment benefits from the state of Alabama, you are required to actively look for work. The state may require that you register with employment services or one of the state's one-stop career centers. You must be willing to accept a job at any time if offered to you. Array

Tips & Warnings

When you register for unemployment with the state of Alabama you are automatically registered with the Alabama State Employment Services Office.

If you have questions about unemployment in Alabama or want to check on the status of your claim you can call 800-361-4524.