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Filing for a LLC in Arizona? The process of filing the Articles of Organization for a LLC in Arizona is easy enough that you can do it yourself. To ease the headache when first starting out, below are some instructions that are easy to follow to help you file your Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Arizona without having to spend as much as $1000 to get your business up and running. 

Starting your own business is exciting and at the same time frustrating. It’s exciting because you are embarking on a new venture project that might help you earn lots of money. Plus, you are your own boss now. At the same time, starting your own business is frustrating because there is lots of paperwork to file, tax information to keep track of and now you are responsible for your own earnings and maybe a few employees.

Step #1: Make sure that your company name is original

When you have chosen the perfect name for your business, you will want to make sure that no one else has taken it. The Arizona Corporation Commission has a site where you can search the names of all established businesses. Be sure to type in the exact name of the company into the name availability website. There is an option to reserve a business name for 120 days for an extra fee, but I wouldn’t recommend that you spend your money, unless you think your company name is highly desirable and could be taken before the LLC process is complete (most times it isn’t).

Step #2: Complete the proper form

You can search the Arizona Corporation Commission website to find the Articles of Organization. Fill this document out completely and sign it. The form instructions are pretty self-explanatory. If you do have any questions, you can speak with the commission or a lawyer (sometimes for an extra fee). You will also need to complete the Cover Sheet for Corporate Filings.

Step #3: File the Articles of Organization

You must file the completed Cover Sheet for Corporate Filings and Articles of Organization with the Corporations Division of the Arizona Corporation Commission. You will need to pay the filing fee at this time. Tip: It’s worth the extra money to pay the expediting fee or else you will be waiting a long time for the approval of your paperwork.

Step #4: Publish your LLC

You must publish your Articles of Organization three consecutive times in an approved newspaper. When you receive your Articles of Organization back from the Corporation Commission, you will receive a list of all acceptable newspapers in which you can publish your documents for filing a LLC in Arizona. Once you have selected the newspaper to run your Public Notice ad, you will submit a Notice for Publication (found on the Arizona Corporation Commission website where you found the other documents), a copy of your approved Articles of Organization and the newspaper fee for publishing your company information. The newspaper you file with will publish your documents, file an Affidavit of Publication with the proper court and send you proof of publication according to Arizona law.

Step #5 Start Doing Business

Once publication is done, you are legal to conduct business with your LLC in Arizona. At this time you will want to file for an Employer Identification Number (EIN), or Federal Tax ID. You will need this for tax filing purposes. Once you get your EIN, you can open up a business banking account and perhaps apply for a business credit card. You are now ready for business!

Note that if you have any other questions about this process, it is best to consult an attorney or company whose business is to file and publish a LLC in Arizona.