Filing your salt water aquarium is an important step in creating the aquarium of your taste. By now you have made the decision of what kinds of fish to stock with as well as the water tank to buy. The step of filling your aquarium with the species of salt water fish is what we would tackle now.

It most important to stock your aquarium with healthy fish. A quick way to assess the health of a fish is to watch them as the y swimming around in the tank before you buy them at the pet store. They must look healthy when you physically examine them, they should have a healthy sheen. Also ensure that the source water from which you are buying them is clean. The cleanliness of the water is a pointer to the level of care the fish has been getting and ultimately the health of the fish. Under no circumstance should you stock your aquarium with fish that is not healthy. That would be a great prescription for a disaster.

When adding fish to your aquarium you must do it slowly a few fish at a time. You must allow the fish adapt well to their new environment before you introduce another set of occupants. You also must ensure that the salinity, pH and water temperature are right for the fish you want to add before doing so. It would be necessary that you do this before and a couple of days after, just to ensure that all is well with the various parameters for the fish within the aquarium.

Once the fish are within the aquarium the next most critical thing is to ensure that they are well fed. To be effective in feeding the fish within the salt water aquarium you must ensure that you know what the exact food regime and feed type for the particular fish. You must abide religiously to this if your fish would do well. As a guideline you should feed the fish at least every three days interval. An example of likely feed include cut up shrimps and romaine lettuce.

The most important issue with stocking up your salt water aquarium is to do it slowly. Even fish do not exactly like change. Give them sufficient time to adapt to their new environment before adding some more. A rule of the thumb is to add a few fish every few days so as to ensure that they achieve maximum growth and acclimatize appropriately.

As you can see stocking up your salt water aquarium is not that difficult, just takes care and patience.