If you're struggling for money the last thing you wish to do is sacrifice on your annual summer holiday.  However, you need not worry as there are alternatives to jetting off to the south of Spain or the Canary Islands (if you're from the UK!).  Curious how to find a cheap caravan holiday?

If you own your own vehicle you can purchase a cheap second hand caravan and take your family anywhere that your vehicle will travel.

There are many places that you can find where to buy a cheap preloved caravan.  These would include,

  • eBay
  • Newspaper classifieds
  • Caravan magazines
  • Online classifieds

Once "armed" with your caravan you can take off at your leisure.  Naturally many caravan parks will be very full throughout the summer months.  To counteract this, it is important to reserve your pitch well ahead of your visit.

Many campsites offer discounts for quieter times of the year to boost numbers.  You can avail of this by taking your summer holiday at these times.  Often the arrival fees are more expensive if you do not have a reservation.

If you are trying to keep costs down, then you will need to decide on your budget.  Once this has been done you can refine your searches for campsites throughout your area based on cost.  More expensive campsites offer many wonderful facilities - some including swimming pools - for use of their guests.

However, you will often find, as I have found from my own experience, that you will seldom use this extra facilities.  If you're travelling, there are many more attractions outside of the caravan park than in it.

Keeping this in mind, look for less from your caravan park.  The basics that you want are good reports from previous guests.  You want the toilet blocks and washing facilities to be clean and tidy.  In addition, you can settle for a grass pitch rather than a concrete one, as this will curtail costs a little.

Likewise, you can opt for a caravan site that has pitches which are electrically free.  This saves on paying a premium for electricity.

Caravaning holidays are a real opportunity to get back to basics and engage with your family and fellow travellers.  Embrace these traditions and you will soon see that you too can have a cheap caravan holiday.