Manufacturing work is not as lucrative as it used to be; therefore resurgence has come in the quest of how to find an administrative office position. Skills learned in the clerical field can transfer to other work environments such as government or insurance. A large benefit of office careers is that they are physically less demanding than industrial labor jobs and pay more than retail positions.

File clerkSearching for office work for the first time can be difficult if you do not know the industry very well. Knowing some key office work related information can make the transition to clerical work easy and eliminate some of the frustrations of finding an office job. If you are ready to learn how to find an administrative office support position, then read these steps to begin your search journey.

Things You Will Need

Computer with internet access


Updated resume

Step 1

Look at opportunities around you to find clerical work positions. Potential work places include agencies visited frequently and employ office staff. Any organization that has a member representative or registration sign-ups has a clerical worker. This includes school-age program providers and local recreation centers.

Step 2

Know the naming game. Office position titles vary greatly and it helps to know which labels to look for. The same position can have multiple names such as secretary and administrative assistant. Other examples include: office clerk, service representative, file room clerk, mail room, receptionist, data-entry, typist and clerical support.

Step 3

Search in obvious places to find clerical jobs. Go to businesses that are known for providing office employment opportunities. Use online job sites as a resource to search and use criteria that are related to office work (administrative, records). Many industries are composed of large buildings with many types of desk job openings. Some are: Insurance, Law firms, Federal and State offices. In closing: The previous steps provide solid information on how to search for office –type positions. The phases can be achieved in any order and covers multiple ways of finding the right position for you. Do not forget that searching along with having an updated resume puts you in the best position for a job.

Tips & Warnings

Look on the websites of large companies in your area.

Go to state agency job banks to search for employment.

Try temporary work agencies to gain experience.

Prepare a resume that highlights your strengths.