Buying toys and games for children is usually the cheapest when you purchase it online especially when the site or store offers free and fast shipping. Online shopping is truly convenient these days since stores added some perks like additional discount when you reach a certain total for the items you purchased as well as free and fast shipping. 

Internet browsing is a helpful way when you're looking for different kinds of toys and games whether it is educational, novelty, recreational, electronic, action figures, collectible, or eco-friendly (made of natural and recycled materials). There are numerous quality toys and games for all ages offered at their lowest price if you have time to look for these things online.

Great deals on toys and games can easily be seen due to the growing number of online web sites or stores that are competing against each other. This is really beneficial to online consumers who are also looking for the best deals that they can get. 

Children may easily get bored if they only have very few toys and games at home. So every now and then, some parents may buy additional toys and games for these children but they also need to consider their budget.

With luck and determination, these parents will successfully find and buy the cheapest and latest toys and games online for them. Whether you're looking to purchase toys and games for girls or boys, there are a lot of ways to save money when you buy them online.

Moderately Challenging


things you'll need:

  • Internet connection
  • Computer
  • Credit/debit card
  • Delivery address
  • Time to research
  • Desire to buy online
    • Look and compare popular sites that offer weekend specials, lightning deals or midnight madness promos. There are known web sites that offer clearance areas or sections within their sites and all you have to do is browse through their big discount catalog or inventory and type the words "cheapest toys and games" to find these items. Online toy stores will usually offer the best deals on toys especially during the holidays like Christmas with free shipping plus additional great discounts.

    • 2

      Type the words "toys and games mixed lots" in the search engine and browse through the results. There are times that sellers will have many toys to sell and they list their auctions as "mixed lots". 

      Mixed lots are usually groups of toys and games sold in a bundle that is why the discount is also enormous. Generally, these busy sellers don't list every item in the mixed lots, so if you want to buy them, you'll be surprised what's included as an addition inside the bundle. 

      You can open a Paypal account and pay the person selling the toys or games. If you pay and never receive the items, Paypal could help you fight the fraudster or scammer then you may get your money back. Avoid paying cash or through money order because it could be very risky on your part as the buyer.

    • 3

      Bid an auction through a bidding website for the latest and hottest toys online. If you are patient enough to wait for the auction to close then you may be able to find the best deal. Take note of all the fees and charges that will be included in the shipping before you bid on a particular item. There are also sites that offer free shipping worldwide.

    • 4

      Type the words "loose figures toys and games" in the search engine and browse through the results. Figures that are loose means that they're out of the package but still in very good shape and condition. 

      The figures usually come with everything that you see in the picture posted. In the toy and game community, the word loose means that the items sold are out-of-the-package therefore purchasing them loose generally reduces the shipping cost since the weight of the package and materials will also scale down.

    • 5

      Find the cheapest toys and games in "collection" forums. There are plenty of people who are collectors and willing to trade toys and games (new or old). This is very helpful if you're looking for a certain toy or game. 

      You will simply trade any of your toy or game and just pay for its shipping. Just look for toy and game sites and navigate to their recent forums, threads or discussions. 

      Some of these sites usually have a board that is categorically prepared for trading toys and games online. You also need to be careful when trading online because there are many fraudsters who will make false promises. Make sure to check the trader' s reputation first before you enter into any deals.

    • 6

      Collect coupon or promo codes for free shipping or big discounts so that you can use them in purchasing toys and games. You can get these from various sites by just typing "coupon codes" and also the particular toy or game that you are looking to buy. Be sure that these coupons or codes are not expired when you're ready to use them.

    • 7

      Search for web sites that are discount retailers to find the latest toys and games that your children love. Shop during the holidays because retailers will offer variety of toys and games that your kids are dreaming at the cheapest price.

    • 8

      Look for online stores that give special offers for card holders. There are people who enjoy shopping online because they are able to avail free shipping plus a huge discount to what they order through their membership cards.

    • 9

      You can also type "cheapest toys and games" in your favorite search engine. This will give you a simple start in acquiring an idea of the usual cost of the toy or game that you like then narrow down your search to find the cheapest price. Make sure to consider the shipping cost because it could usually lessen the savings that you want to have.

Tips & Warnings

  • Try to befriend the toy and game collectors when you visit any forum or chat conversation sites because they may know some people who can provide what you need. Be respectful, courteous and patient so that they can help you find the unique toys and games that you want for yourself, your kids or spouse at a very good value.

  • Read the buyers' feedback of the seller. There are many stores or websites that provide consumers or shoppers to freely post their comments to the seller of the product and this is a good way to evaluate whether the person is a good vendor.

  • Make sure that you're buying the safe toys and games for your children. Check out whether they are made from non-toxic materials. Some manufacturing companies use paint and glue that are environmentally safe like many wooden toys are made of. Watch carefully for lead paint that some toys and games have because this will endanger your child's health. 

    You can also look for recycling code labels on plastic toys so that you can determine what kind of chemicals the plastic contains. In this way, you'll know which toys and games to buy. There are also some plastics that are eco-friendly and readily recyclable.

  • Buy the cheapest toys and games online by reading product reviews from popular and trusted sites. Check out the Consumer Product Safety Commission website to keep you informed of toy recalls. Follow the manufacturer's age recommendation for appropriate usage of any toy or game product because it could become choking hazards for young children.