As you work on your restoration, you might need to look up how to find antique appliance parts for sale.  No matter what it is you’re trying to repair, making sure you do it right is incredibly important.  Since the value of the antique can sometimes be negatively impacted by restoration, improper repairs, or other things, you really need to do your homework to make sure you don’t make a mistake.  Whether you’re looking for a vintage stove, small kitchen appliance, or other item, you have some options to find the parts you need.

Contact the Manufacturer

Thank goodness for the internet.  You can find who manufactured virtually anything online.  If you are lucky enough to find something made by a manufacturer still in business, you might still be able to order the parts you need to complete your restoration project and get it looking fantastic.  If you find they are no longer supporting their old appliances and making the parts you need for repairs, you still might be able to get the information from them on where you can look.  If nothing else, they can put you in touch with people making aftermarket parts, so to speak, where you can get something which very closely resembles the original.

In some cases, you will find the manufacturer is no longer in business.  The good news is, many times the company has been sold to a larger company, which will give you a trail to follow to find the parts or information you need to complete your project and make it look great.  This will involve some tracking and researching on your end, but it can be accomplished if you put your mind to it.

Appliance Repair Shops

It’s hard to find antique appliance repair shops, but there are some out there.  If you cannot locate one, you might be able to find a company who repairs newer appliances in the same lines, or by the same manufacturer.  They will have access to more parts and accessories than you will, so they might be able to help you along and make the repairs you need to get your cast iron stove, old refrigerator, or other antique appliance up and running again.  Keep in mind that you might get some funny looks when you ask them to make repairs to such old items, but it is still worth checking out.  You might even find they are willing to do some of the legwork and research for you, the customer, which will make your job much easier in this whole process.

Flea Markets, Thrift Stores, Antique Shops

You just might get very lucky.  It’s always worth a look when you happen to go by any thrift stores, flea markets, or even antique shops.  You might find you can get similar antique appliances or parts and fixtures that are quite similar and of the period.  It’s worth checking out.  You just might find what you need to complete your project and get your restoration completed and done the right way.  You are quite likely to have several stores within a short drive of your location, so check around and see if you can find the old antique appliance parts you need.

Searching Online – Specific Methods for Antique Appliance Parts

You need to search properly in order to find what you are looking for.  On sites like eBay, you will want to search for the appliance more than the item.  You’ll find you can browse for ‘Sears pot belly stove’ and have better luck finding parts using those keywords than if you attempt to narrow it down too much.  In addition, you might want to search for the parts after you use this method, but limit the details on the manufacturer or item type.  You’ll have more to sift through, but you’ll find many people don’t know exactly what they have or how to describe it.  If you go too narrow, you might miss them.

Buy Two, Build One

Many times, you best bet can be to find a second appliance, even if it’s not working, and use the two to make one working, complete unit.  This might actually be cheaper than buying the replacement parts, believe it or not, and it will give you access to additional parts you might find you need as you work on your restoration project.  You will probably find this to be your best option, assuming you can find another appliance for sale to match yours.  If you have problems finding them, be sure to check out the methods for searching online, listed a little later in this article. 

Antique Parts “of the period” for Sale

You need to keep in mind that you might not always be able to find the exact right part you need.  This is a common issue.  A common way to get around this is to use parts that are from the same manufacturer, whenever possible, used during the same basic timeframe.  You might not have a complete and original piece when you’re done, but you will have something which very closely resembles the way it came off the assembly line, which will appeal to collectors much more than something pieced together with a blend of vintage original and modern parts, in most cases.

New Old Stock – Replica Parts for Sale 

This could be your only option, depending on what you’re attempting to restore.  Some companies make modern parts which are designed to very closely resemble the originals.  While you will not get the same level of authenticity, you can create a great showpiece for display at your home or business.  It’s a really good option to keep in mind as you work on your project, especially if you have no other options available to you.   You will probably pay very close to the full price of the original and sometimes even a little more.  Just expect this as you go in, so you don’t go through price shock when you see the tag on the item.

As you look at how to find antique appliance parts, you’ll find you have some options to consider and attempt to use in your search.