Mom and Dad are going out for a night on the town; time to find a babysitter. Before you land that babysitter job, parents can put you through an interview and even have you spend time with the children while they're home, developing a working relationship. But before you can even get to this stage, it's up to you as a babysitter to make yourself known. Get out there and advertise!

Things You Will Need

Paper Printer Internet connection

Step 1

Advertise in local mediums to find babysitter jobs in your area. This can include corkboards at local grocery stores and even asking local restaurants if you can place an advertisement in their window. Many will allow it because the more free time parents have, the more customers the restaurant can have.

Step 2

Put ads on Craigslist, and other reputable websites. If you are under the age of 18, speak with your parents before posting any personal information, such as where you live. Sites such as allow parents you work for to give you references so this is ideal if you live in a large city.

Step 3

Be upfront about any special skills you have as a babysitter. It's a competitive market so make parents aware of any certification or babysitting courses that will prove directly important to ensuring the well being of a child.

Step 4

Enjoy working babysitter jobs and let people know in your advertisement and interview that you truly enjoy working with children. If you have plans to work with children later in life, such as becoming a child psychologist, make this known as well, as it shows a devotion many parents will be impressed with.

Tips & Warnings

Don't embellish on your advertisements or in your interviews. If you lie, such as saying you love working with children, when in fact you're only taking babysitter jobs to earn extra money, it will show in your care and parents will find out.