Bookkeeper Employment

Find Bookkeeper EmploymentBookkeeper employment duties vary depending on the size of the company and the demands of the employer, but bookkeepers are usually in charge of the company ledger, financial record keeping, data entry, payroll, managing tax accounts and other responsibilities. Since computer programs are mostly used to store financial company records nowadays, bookkeepers must know how to use Excel spreadsheets, and other programs used for finalizing financial reports. Bookkeeper employment duties can be tedious and complicated, so the ideal job candidate needs to be highly organized and preferably educated in the areas of business and accounting. Bookkeeper employment opportunities are sometimes entry-level, and bookkeeping careers exist for the educated and experienced applicant.

Step 1

Educational Requirements for Bookkeeper Employment

Get the appropriate education for bookkeeper employment. Almost every job requires the applicant to have a highschool diploma. While it may not be a requirement for bookkeeper employment, it would be best to have a Bachleors Degree in accounting, or at least an Associates Degree in accounting or finance. Depending on your education and job experience, the annual salary for bookkeeping careers ranges from $30,000 - $50,000. Computer literacy is a definate job requirement for bookkeeper employment. You should get some training in using data management systems if necessary.

Step 2

Take the Certified Bookkeepers Exam for Bookkeeper Employment

Contact the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers and find out how to take the four-part certification exam for bookkeeper employment. You must have two years experience before taking the certified bookkeepers exam. If you're interested in bookkeeping careers, you should consider receiving the certification, especially if you don't have college experience or have little job experience. Having the certification makes a big difference when you begin applying for bookkeeper employment.

Prepare A Bookkeeper Resume

Step 3

Carefully plan your bookkeeper employment resume, including any previous related job experience, and college education in accounting, business, economics or finance. Your bookkeeper resume should demonstrate your ability to handle a multitude of job tasks. Include any data entry skills, or knowledge using data management programs. Decide if you're going to go after part-time or full-time bookkeeper employment and if you want an entry-level position or not. Be sure to make a note of your intentions on your bookkeeper resume. Unless you have a degree, most people start off with an entry-level position to gain more experience, and then advance to a better bookkeeper position in the future.

Post Your Bookkeeper Resume Online

Step 4

Post your bookkeeper resume on multiple job websites. Leave direct contact information, so employers can easily contact you. If you have trouble finding full-time bookkeeper employment, you may want to consider posting your resume for part-time bookkeeper employment as well, because there tend to be more job openings available on the market for part-time positions. In addition to posting a resume online, find bookkeeper employment by contacting local businesses to see if they would be interested in hiring a bookkeeper.

Self-Employed Bookkeeper Employment

Step 5

Become a self-employed bookkeeper, and provide your services for local businesses. Advertise your services in the local business directory and talk to business owners such as doctors and dentists. While bookkeeper employment is almost always in demand, the job market is also very competitive. You might find it more profitable to establish business with your own clients and even work from home. Many businesses need to have a bookkeeper who can handle their accounting matters. They may not be able to afford a full-time bookkeeper, but would be happy to arrange freelance bookkeeper employment. To get new clients, create a professional online presence by listing your services, hourly rate, and information about your credentials and experience. You should also make a list of bookkeeper employment references, and design professional business cards for distribution to potential clients.